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Blake Shelton Praises His Wife On Instagram Saying “The Best Woman I Know” 

Gwen sits on Shelton’s lap and smiles as he kisses her on the cheek in the photo he shared. When they were together, Gwen sported a stunning red dress. With her signature curly hair, she looked stunning. In this ‘not so private’ zone, the couple is able to freely express their feelings for each other.

Blake Shelton Calls His Wife “The Best Woman I Know”

As a result of their time on the show, the two became romantically involved in 2015. When Gwen announced her engagement to Blake in 2020, the couple had been dating for five years.


Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma hosted a small wedding for the couple soon after. People are always swooning over the couple’s adorable photos.

Singer Gavin Rossdale and ex-wife Gwen Stefani have three sons together. She is a vocalist, songwriter, and mother. As a stepfather, Shelton has expressed his admiration for the role.

Even though Shelton does not have any biological children, he enjoys his time as a stepfather to Gwen’s large family.

Since marrying Gwen, Shelton claims his priorities have shifted and he is now more family-oriented. With Kingston, 15, Zuma Nesta Rock, 13, and Apollo Bowie Flynn, 8, Shelton’s responsibilities have widened. When Shelton married Gwen, he saw himself becoming a man with a greater sense of purpose.

He continued, “What I’ve been looking forward to doing for the last four or five years… is eyeing that timeline, that part of my career, where I just need to start stripping some things away.

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Gwen [Stefani] and I have married into a family, so you have to get some life in there. She has three sons… Suddenly, “Oh my god, there’s so much more.”

When it came to his wife, the country music legend said he was ‘the luckiest man alive.’ Blake shared a monochromatic wedding photo on Instagram. He wished his wife a happy Valentine’s Day and expressed his love for her. The couple’s on-screen chemistry was lauded by fans, who were overjoyed to see them together.

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