Guillermo Del Toro Makes A Keen Observation About The Film Industry

Del Toro’s first big film in Hollywood came out in 2004 – the comic book anti-hero film Hellboy – and he proved his success was no fluke in 2006 with fantasy creature Pan’s Labyrinth, which won Oscar-winning filmmaker It earned nominations for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay. In 2018, del Toro was honored with his biggest award to date – two Academy Awards for directing and producing his Creature from the Black Lagoon-inspired fantasy film The Shape of Water.

While “The Shape of Water” opened up on the big screen just five years ago, the floodgates – thanks to the pandemic – are wide open for streaming and the way movies are viewed, be it on TVs, laptops or cell phones. During the Cannes press conference, IndieWire reported, del Toro compared the changes the industry is facing now to what happened almost a century ago, when talkies made silent films obsolete.

“There are many answers to what the future is. The one I know is not what we have right now. It’s not sustainable. In many ways what we have belongs to an older structure,” noted del Toro. “The change is so profound. We are finding that more than just the delivery system is changing. It’s the relationship with the audience that changes. Do we persevere or do we seek and be adventurous?”

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