Griffpatch Face Reveal, Name, Age, Net Worth and More

Griffpatch Face Reveal

Griffpatch is the Scratch scratcher with the most followers. He’s also known for creating incredible, virtually unreplicable games from the ground up. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts a lot of advanced scratch tutorials and he joined scratch on October 24, 2012. According to his profile and YouTube videos, he became into coding as a kid. But nothing has changed, and his day-to-day work still entails java coding. He spends his free time making games and drumming in church. He recently did a face reveal for his fans but it was not his real face, it was just a cartoon version of it. Read on to learn more about him!

Griffpatch Real Name

His real name has not been revealed yet. Since he revealed his face recently, it might not be long before he shares his name with us. When he was little, he became fascinated by coding. Despite the fact that he has already become a parent, nothing has changed. In addition, his day job entails java coding. He makes content using Scratch on YouTube in his free time. His channel has around 150K subscribers which is pretty decent.

Griffpatch Age

Griffpatch appears to be in his forties but his exact age is not known at the moment. The coder’s official age and birthdate, however, have yet to be revealed in the media. He and his brother began programming in BBC Basic on an Acorn Electron when he was eight years old. With the support of his mother, he learned to code using books. He eventually switched to the Amstrad 6128, which is when he learned Assembly. He first used an Amiga A500 when he was 13 years old, allowing him to create games for the first time. He programmed in Amiga OS and created a few good games. He wrote a game called snail at the time, which he eventually remade from scratch.

Griffpatch Net Worth

His net worth is not known at the moment. Much of his personal info is still a mystery since he’s a very secretive person. During the process of teaching programming to his son, he began scratching. It’s no surprise that he’s also a capable coder. It’s no surprise that he’s been interested in coding since he was a toddler. In addition, java coding is a part of his day-to-day activity. He enjoys being creative and making games in his spare time.

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