Greene Up For Impeachment; House To Vote

The Republican Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is being voted for impeachment on the basis of violent and regressive comments she had blurted out in the past on sensitive issues. Greene is currently facing a major backlash from the raging Democrats and divided Republicans for her incendiary statements. 

Before announcing the voting of impeachment, the Democrats had given the Georgia Republican pressure to carry out the procedure on their own, but in vain. Now, after taking control of the House, the Democrats are here to start the procedure of the same, with no further delay. Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP leader has made a statement and accused the Democrats of grabbing total power of the House by impeaching Greene. 

Greene Up For Impeachment; House To Vote

The Democrats are now looking forward to impeach Greene from the Committee of House Education and Labour, and Budget, on the grounds of inappropriate and violent statements made in the past and on the basis of conduct that was uncalled for. 

Greene Up For Impeachment; House To Vote

However, the impeachment comes with a set of danger of its own. As of now, the Democrats are facing danger of seeing revenge being unravelled in the future in times when the ball may be in the Republican’s court. The probable danger is cemented on the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene is an official who has been elected and is an active member of the party that is opposing the Democrats. 

The charges alleged by the Democrats against Marjorie Taylor Greene is that of embracing dangerous moves and debunking the QAnon conspiracy theory, and showcase of support in the idea of execution of the politicians who support the Democrats in 2018 and 2019. The statements had been made before she was elected in the Congress. 

The Republicans of Georgia are also facing wrath on the comments they had issued back in 2018 on the issue of the cruel shooting at the Parkland School. The comments or statements were so outrageous that it drew in a fury from the Parkland School survivors and the families of the victims, who demanded immediate resignation of Greene. Greene had outwardly denied the claim of the shooting and even called the incidence a false flag operation. 

On reaching out to Kevin McCarthy on these resurfaced statements of Greene, he had called the statements deeply disturbing, and had also made a futile attempt in distancing the Republicans from Greene’s comments. McCarthy has stated that the comments are of disturbing nature and, thus, does not relay the values and beliefs of the Republicans. He has also stated that he unequivocally condemns the comments and would continue to do so from the very day. He also said that the Republicans has always condemned the QAnon issue even today. 

On the other hand, the Republicans of California has accused the Democrats with the allegations of creating divisiveness within the party of the former, and is also looking for a partisan power grab when it comes to the committee assignments assigned to the opposition. 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Representative of Florida has confirmed that the House can indeed remove Greene from her power over the committees. The said resolution only requires a simple majority to come into effect, which has given the Democrats the confidence of impeaching Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

However, Greene has been defiant as well as unapologetic in public. She has not shied away, as of now, from the criticisms she has been receiving even before the procedure of impeachment. However, in a closed-door meeting at the House of GOP, she has stated that her personality is not which is reflected in her social media posts. She has also shown gratefulness to the former President Donal Trump for his support. 

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