Gorillaz Face Reveal, Who Are The Characters In Gorillaz?


Gorillaz is an English virtual band formed in 1998. It was founded by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamike Hewlett from London, England. The band consists of four animated members 2-D (vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Nicclas (bass guitar), Russel Hobbs (drums) and Noodle (guitar, keyboards, vocals). Her fictional universe is presented in interviews, music videos and short cartoons, comic strips. Gorillaz music always mixes with feature artists, with Albarn as the sole permanent musical contributor.

The lead singer of Gorillaz is Damon Albarn. Damon is famous as the lead singer of Blur. They put their heart and soul into making Britpop a reality. The idea of ​​forming Gorillaz came after Albarn and Hewlett once watched MTV. Jamie Hewlett was a comic artist and writer. With Gorillaz, Albarn broke away from his band Blur’s Britpop and sought out other styles of music that included hip hop, electronic music and world music in an “eccentrically postmodern” way. The band’s debut album, 2001, Gorillaz had dub, latin and punk influences which went triple platinum in the UK and double platinum in Europe. Their second album Demon Days went six times platinum in the UK and double platinum in the US.

Gorillaz Face Reveal

Gorillaz had presented the live show in many ways throughout the band’s history, such as hiding the touring band from the eyes of the audience during the early years of the project. It featured the animated band members on stage using computer graphics. They did a traditional live show with a live band visible. In this way, the band has sold almost 25 million records worldwide. The Gorillaz Band is recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Most Successful Virtual Band”. The band had won two MTV Video Music Awards, a Grammy Award and three MTV Europe Music Awards. They have been nominated for 11 Brit Awards while winning Best British Group at the 2018 Brit Awards.

Gorillaz characters

Gorillaz is a virtual band that is the product of Jamie Hewlett. As you may have seen, Gorillaz’s music videos feature animated characters, graphically these are Jamie Hewlett’s creations. Each character will have a different role in the band.

character status
Murdoc Niccals (bass) (1998–2018, 2018–present)
2-D (vocals/keys) (1998 – present)
Russell Hobbs (drums/percussion) (1998–2006, 2012–present)
Noodle (guitar) (1998–2006, 2012–present)

Murdoc Niccals (bass)

Murdoc Faust Niccals is the fictional bassist for the virtual band Gorillaz. He is from England. He is voiced by Phil Cornwell and was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. He was responsible for the conception and formation of the band. Murdoc was based on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. This Englishman is considered the leader of the bands.


Image Source – The Daily Beast

2D (vocals)

Stuart Harold “2-D” Pot is a fictional English musician, singer and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz. He provides lead vocals and plays keyboards for the band. 2-D’s speaking voice is provided by actor Nelson De Freitas in many Gorillaz direct-to-video projects such as Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades and Phase One: Celebrity Take Down. His singing voice is provided by Blur frontman Damon Albarn on Gorillaz recordings and performances. Kevin Bishop became the new voice of 2-D. It was founded in 1998 by Jamie Hewlett and Albarn.


Image source – Gorillaz Wiki


Noodle is a fictional Japanese singer and musician who is a member of the British virtual band Gorillaz. She provides lead guitar as well as occasional lead and backing vocals for the band. It was founded in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Noodle was voiced by Haruka Kuroda and Haruka Abe. Haruka Kuroda is a Japanese-English actress and singer-songwriter Miho Hatori of the trip-hop group Cibo Matto. Haruka Abe is also a Japanese-English actress.

image Image Credit – The Forty Five

Russell Hobbs (drums)

Russel Hobbs is an American musician and member of the British Virtuala band Gorillaz. He provides drums and percussion for the band. Similar to other members of the Gorillaz band, Russel was formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. He first appeared on Gorillaz’ debut EP Tomorrow Comes Today in 2000, and became an official current percussion capacity in 2016.


Image Source – Billboard

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