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Goodfellas Cast, Who Are The Cast in Goodfellas?

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Goodfellas is a 1990 American biographical crime thriller film. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Nicholas Pileggi and Scorsese, and produced by Irwin Winkler. It is an adaptation of the 1985 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Pileggi. Running from 1955 to 1980, the film chronicles the high point and fall of mafia associate Henry Hill and his friends and family. Goodfellas is widely regarded as one of the most memorable films ever made, especially in the gangster genre. It was classified as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” and was selected by the United States Library of Congress for protection in the National Film Registry in 2000. Its content and style have been imitated in countless other films and television series. Here you can find out who the Goodfellas cast is with the character name in the following information that has been listed in the table below.

Goodfellas cast

The author’s story and screenplay can only be realized through the casting of a specific series or film. Here’s how to find out who the Goodfellas cast is in the following information listed below in the character name table.

cast name character name
Robert DeNiro Jimmy Conway
Ray Liotta Heinrich Huegel
Joe Pesci Tommy DeVito
Lorraine Bracco Karen Hill
Paul Sorvino Paulie Cicero
Frank Silvero Frankie Carbone
Tony Darrow Sonny Bunz
Mike Starr French
frank vincent Billy Batts
Chuck Low Morris Kessler
Frank DiLeo Tuddy Cicero
Henny Jungman Even
Gina Mastrogiacomo Janice Rossi
Catherine Scorsese Tommy’s mother
Charles Scorsese vinnie
Susanne Schaefer Karen’s mother
Debbie Mazar Sandy
Margo Winkler Belle Kessler
Withered white Lois Byrd
Jerry Vale Even
Julia Garfield Mickey Conway
Christopher Serone Young Henry
Elaine Kagan Henry’s mother
Beau Starr Henry’s father
Kevin Corrigan Michael Hill
Michael Imperoli spider
Robbie Vinton Bobby Vinton
John Williams Johnny Roast Beef
Illeana Douglas rosie
Frank Pellegrino Johnny Dio
Tony Sirico Tony Stack
Samuel L Jackson Stacks Edwards
Paul Herman dealer
Edward McDonald Even
Louis Eppolito Fat Andy
Tony Lip Frankie the wop
Anthony Powers Jimmy twice
Vinny Pastore man with coat
Tobin bell probation officer
Isiah Whitlock Jr. physician
Richard “Bo” Dietl Arrest Narc
Ed Deacy detective deacy
Victor Colicchio Henry’s 60’s crew
Vincent Gallo Henry’s 70’s crew
Joseph Bono Mikey French
Catherine Wallach Diana
Bob Golub Truck driver at the diner

Goodfellas Cast Photos

Robert DeNiro


Ray Liotta


Joe Pesci


Lorraine Bracco


Paul Sorvino


Frank Silvero


Mike Starr


frank vincent


Henny Jungman


Debbie Mazar


Jerry Vale


Kevin Corrigan


Michael Imperoli


Illeana Douglas


Tony Sirico


Samuel L Jackson


Paul Herman


Tony Lip


Vincent Gallo


Goodfellas crew

The main pillars who have worked hard physically and mentally and who have brought a script into a moving video and attracted viewers are crew. Here is the detailed information of Goodfella’s crew listed below in the table below.

Goodfellas cast details
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Produced by Irwin Winkler
cinematography Michael Ballhaus
Edited by Thelma Schoonmaker
Screenplay by Nicholas Pileggi

Martin Scorsese

Expelled from Warner Bros.

Goodfellas plot

Young Henry Hill fell in love with the illegal life and mafia presence in Brooklyn’s working-class Italian-American neighborhood. He begins performing for local caporegime Paulie Cicero and his associates: Jimmy “the Gent” Conway, an Irish-American truck hijacker and gangster, and Tommy DeVito, a juvenile delinquent. Henry begins as a fence for Jimmy and slowly works his way up to more extreme crimes. The 3 employees spend most of their nights in the 1960s at the Copacabana nightclub drinking with women. Henry begins dating Karen Friedman, a Jewish woman who was initially angered by Henry’s criminal movements. Attracted by Henry’s glamorous lifestyle, she marries him despite her parents’ disapproval. Billy Batts, a made man in the Gambino crime family who was recently released from prison in 1970, often insults Tommy at a nightclub owned by Henry. Tommy and Jimmy punch, stab, and shoot Billy. The unsanctioned murder of a created man calls for retribution; Jimmy, Henry and Tommy realize this and bury the body in upstate New York. Six months later, Jimmy realizes that action is to be taken at the burial site and encourages them to exhume and relocate the decomposing corpse. The final title cards state that Henry is still a safe observer, but he was arrested in Seattle in 1987 on a narcotics conspiracy. Henry was given a 5 year probation but has been clean ever since. He and Karen split in 1989, and Paulie died of a respiratory illness in Fort Worth Federal Penitentiary last year. In 2004, Jimmy was serving a 20-year life sentence in a New York prison for murder and would be eligible for parole.

Goodfellas trailer

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