Free COVID-19 Testing Opened By LA County

With the weather being harsh on the residents, many counties in the US have been shut down due to extreme weather conditions. The winter storm has also shut down larger covid testing sites as well as the newly opened mobile covid testing points. That’s because the supplies were limited and the transportation was completely wrecked by the storm.

Free COVID-19 Testing Opened By LA County

But in areas where the weather was fine, new kiosks were open to the public and it provided free COVID-19 testing services to whoever wanted to check.

Free COVID-19 Testing Opened By LA County

A new kiosk has opened in the USS Iowa, San Pedro that provides free COVID-19 vaccine testing. Conducting more COVID-19 vaccine tests has always been a top priority as slowing down the coronavirus spread is to be chained well. The vaccine has been limited and the spread has to be controlled well to avoid more deaths. The facility provides services for walk-ins, even though appointments can be scheduled. Once tested, the results will be provided within 24 to 48 hours. So there won’t be much of a hassle or waiting time that you have to deal with. Supervisor Hahn said that everyone will be important for being tested and nobody will be avoided.

The officials said that the COVID testing USS Iowa kiosk is very quick and will provide better access to the doc workers from thereon. It will also be an easy point for the residents around the harbor to getting the COVID tested and receive the results quickly.

Another kiosk, the country kiosk, helpful for the residents in the harbor was also open to getting tested. This kiosk at 250 S. Harbor Blvd. was partnered with Fulgent Genomics Laboratories. The Kiosk will be open seven days a week, with operating hours from 10 am to 5 pm. The kiosk has a capacity to provide 500 PCR nasal swab tests every day and people around the harbor can be relieved that such a service provider open every day. The insurance is not required and all you need is to carry your ID and get your COVID -19 test done.

Dr. Clemens Hong told that the COVID-19 testing is as important as it was. He oversees Los Angeles County with Covid testing.  He also said that there have been comparatively lower COVID 19 cases when compared with how it was in December and before that.   The total number of hospitalized cases has been lowered and more people have been vaccinated.

 Since Joe Biden became the president of the United States, things have taken a better turn. He addressed the people and promised them that 100 million vaccines will be made available and administered to the residents all around the nation. He assured that this task will be completed in 100 days. 

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