Former Fda Chief Speaks On Full Vaccine Approval

Former Fda Chief Speaks On Full Vaccine Approval

MD- former chief of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb has spoken on the repercussion of the full approval for Covid-19 vaccines on the population of the USA. 

Scott Gottlieb, a former chief of the FDA believes that full approval of the Covid-19 vaccine will not be enough to convince citizens who are hesitant about vaccination. 

Former Fda Chief Speaks On Full Vaccine Approval

Gottlieb believes that full approval for the vaccine will possibly be able to introduce some workplace mandates about vaccination, but he is skeptical whether this approval will be able to convince Americans who are not keen on taking their vaccine shots. 

Former Fda Chief Speaks On Full Vaccine Approval

He agrees that the approval may be able to convince some citizens to finally get their vaccination, but he does not predict any large upsurge in vaccination rates among anti-vaccination groups. 

Sources inside the FDA have mentioned that the department has fast-tracked the timeline for approval of the two doses of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine. The full approval may be official by as early as labor day 2021. Gottlieb believes that the approval for the two doses of the Moderna vaccine will follow soon in the footsteps of Pfizer approval. 

At present both these vaccines have emergency use approval in the United States and till now more thousands of people have been successfully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. The Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccine also has emergency use approval in the USA. But Johnson and Johnson have not yet submitted their vaccine for full approval. 

Gottlieb is at present a board member at Pfizer. He admits that he has come across multiple surveys that mention lack of full approval as a reason behind vaccine hesitancy. But according to Gottlieb’s personal opinion people are not very concerned about the approval status of the vaccines. 

He supports his view by stating that millions of people all across the world have already been vaccinated by these vaccines even though it is only under emergency use approval. There is enough data already available to gauge the possible side effects, impact, and efficacy of the vaccines. So he feels that it is unlikely that a full biological use license will be able to suddenly convince vaccine non-believers at this point. 

About 47.9% of American citizens are fully vaccinated with double doses of vaccination. A much higher figure, almost 70% of the American population has already taken at least the first dose of their vaccine. These figures have been provided by the CDC. 

But now as the highly infectious Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus is once again gaining strength, Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has announced that full vaccination is mandatory in a large variety of indoor locations. This mandate will be in place from August 16th and will be implemented fully from the middle of September. 

Gottlieb supports the move made by Blasio. He feels that populous cities like NY have to develop their own means to control the virus in packed indoor settings. 

Gottlieb hopes that the full approval for the vaccine will allow more workplaces to push for complete vaccination mandates. Many businesses that have not yet put in place any vaccination mandates for customers and employees have cited a lack of full vaccination approval as their excuse. As soon as the vaccination is fully approved Gottlieb hopes that these businesses will no longer have any excuse to avoid immunization mandates. 

The recent spike in Covid-19 cases has put a wrench in many reopening plans for workplaces. The regions with low vaccination rates are the worst affected by the new virus variant. 

Gottlieb was the FDA chief for two years in 2017 and 2019, so he has years of experience dealing with immunization and mentality of vaccine opponents. He is not very sure of convincing these people unsympathetic to vaccines but hopes that the full approval is able to convince some more people at least. 

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