The Forecaster Who Predicted The Country’s Covid-19 Peak Sees A New Wave Coming

The Forecaster Who Predicted The Country’s Covid-19 Peak Sees A New Wave Coming

According to researchers estimate India may face a worsening of its outbreak probably this month. The country is likely to face an increment in Covid-19 infections though the virus will be in the form of a smaller wave, and that may peak in October. This situation is predicted as per the mathematical model by researchers who also exactly predicted the tapering of a vicious surge of cases earlier this year.

An outburst can be seen by this month, with the next wave reaching heights. 100000 – 150000 cases are expected to come out per day, according to research that Manindra Agrawal and Mathukumalli Vidyasagar led at IIT in Kanpur and Hyderabad. The next wave is expected to be less disastrous considering the amount of public vaccinated. Vidyasagar also told Bloomberg via email that states with high covid rates like Maharashtra and Kerala could twist the picture.

The Forecaster Who Predicted The Country’s Covid-19 Peak Sees A New Wave Coming

However, the next upcoming predicted wave could be far smaller than the second wave, which showed the peak of over 400000 daily cases on 7th May 2021 and started declining after that. According to the forecast, India should speed up its vaccination drive and deploy surveillance techniques to put a hold on emerging hotspots and not let the new variants occur. The delta strain, which was first identified in India last October, is now causing renewed outbreaks worldwide. 

Many experts are worried about the complacency setting in as people already started their social and business activities. The last virus outbreak had done much damage to people, and both resumption of local travel and festivals celebrations grounds this deadly virus surge. As per researchers estimated 5 million people lost their lives in the last outbreak. As per government records, the total Covid fatalities so far is about 424,351.

The good thing is that this last wave also increased the immunity levels of about a 1.4billion people, which can help reduce the impact of the next surge. As per surveys done by The Indian Council of Medical research prior month, it was found that about two-thirds of people in India above six age group were exposed to coronavirus.

New hotspots

Now it’s about five months when the last wave initiated daily infections in the country was about the 40000 daily marks. From the past five days

About half of the new cases are coming from the southern state of Kerala and which is now considered the next new hotspot.  Paul Kattuman, a professor at the University of Cambridge, said; ‘Now the cases daily are increasing continuously through July in Kerala and in some smaller northeastern states. On the other hand, few states also recorded short-lived flare-ups in July, which were relatively quick. In this way, now the country is in a steady-state present.

Mr. Kattuman also alleged ‘if the infection starts increasing in many other states the present steady balance will again get disturbed, and cases will again start growing  as a whole.’ However, he added that ‘we may expect to see a reduction in the spread of the virus, and this can be expected to last till vaccination coverage is high to persuade herd immunity.’

As per the Boomerang vaccine tracker, at present, the country has successfully administered 470.3 million vaccine doses, but sadly just 7.6 percent of the population is fully vaccinated yet. This slow speed added concerns that India may not be fully protected from the upcoming wave. Also, PM Narendra Modi says that they are now prepared for further outbreaks and will not let future waves have the same impact on the economy as experienced before.  Avoiding past mistakes is only the key to save people’s lives from the next upcoming predicted wave.

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