Foods That Boost Metabolism According To Science

Foods That Boost Metabolism According To Science

Time and again people have known about foods that are beneficial for their wellbeing. Moreover, foods and beverages have a direct correlation with the health quotient. This is fiction to none. Many such substances provide energy to the body. Many researchers have studied the beneficial effects of such substances in the long run. 

Foods That Boost Metabolism According To Science

What is metabolism? Even, a high school student can say. The sum total of all the cellular reactions that are necessary for movement, growth, and development of the body is what metabolism is all about. Age, diet, biological factors, and physical conditions also affect metabolism. The body needs some amount of energy on a daily basis, for the maintenance of critical functions. This is Basal Metabolic Rate. This also amounts to calories expenditure, that everybody is talking about. Humans need the energy to breathe and rest as well. The process of digestion also needs energy. Fats take less energy than proteins and carbohydrates. 

Foods That Boost Metabolism According To Science

Can Certain Food Boost Metabolism? 

Earlier researches have shown that certain foods and drinks can increase metabolism. This is not wholly true if recent reports are to be believed. Some foods take more energy to digest. While others increase the basal metabolic rate. It is the total dietary intake that eventually matters. The Thermic effect of food differs from food to food. It is dependent on the macronutrient content. Proteins need 10-30% of the energy, carbohydrates need 5-10%, and fats about 0-3 %. Proteins have the highest TEF or Thermic effect of food. It is thus hard to digest. Moreover, the body has to expend a lot of energy to break them down. Therefore, all health coaches and bodybuilders have suggested a higher protein intake to lose weight and gain mass. 

Specific Foods That Increase Metabolism

After numerous researches and studies, it is clear that proteins play an important role in burning calories. There are foods like chili peppers, capsicum, and green tea that have a more profound effect on the body. Coffee also boosts metabolism. Green tea contains catechins and normal tea has tannins. These increase the calorie expenditure of the body to about 260 calories along with resistance-building exercises. Most of the research in this category applies to research on green tea extracts. It may not hold true completely for natural green tea. 

Think about capsicums and chili peppers. They contain capsaicin. They can increase the metabolic rate to a huge extent. However, this research result is also based on supplements rather than whole chilies. 

Promoting Healthy Metabolism And Body Weight

Thus, it is important to incorporate quality macronutrients to maintain a healthy body weight. It should also promote well-being in turn. Diets rich in proteins and fibers do increase the metabolic rate. Some people also stress the use of heat-inducing foods like ginger, pepper, and aniseeds to boost metabolism. But these are not an alternative to a healthy body and diet. This does not have any significant effect on body weight. 

A well-rounded diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, nuts, oils, fibrous fruits, and vegetables to name a few. Moreover, an individual has to exercise as well. It should consist of aerobic exercises, and core exercises as well. Resistance training has been said to boost metabolic health. Thus, people should not focus on metabolism alone. A healthy intake of a combination of foods can give the best results today. A diet that is rich in unprocessed foods and protein-rich foods will simply boost the health of an individual in the long run. Food addiction is to be avoided at all costs. That is what individuals in the health fraternity are doing today. 

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