First Borderlands Film Footage Is Just Like The Game According To Critics

At the Lionsgate panel for CinemaCon, the company finally unveiled the first footage for its upcoming Borderlands adaptation, and some early reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. The Hollywood Reporter described it as similar to video games, adding that it was basically impressive to watch. The scene in question apparently features Cate Blanchett’s Lilith firing a gun, as well as the first revelation of Jack Black voicing the robot Claptrap. colliders Stephen Weintraub was also very impressed with what he saw and tweeted that it actually appeared as if the “Borderlands” game had been faithfully rendered into live-action form.

It’s important to note that it’s still early days and only about 30 seconds of footage was released during the presentation, so it’s still hard to tell what the finished product will look like. But these early reactions are certainly encouraging for fans of the games who are still hoping for a faithful adaptation of the games. It looks like the early footage is determined to show off the colourful, wacky world the games inhabit.

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