Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth – What We Know So Far

The sequel has been announced for “next winter,” meaning we’ll most likely see a specific release date for late 2023 or early 2024. Nomura explained in the live stream that the game’s development has made good progress. Series Producer Yoshinori Kitase commented on the three-year hiatus between “Remake” and “Rebirth” saying It’s been a less than ideal wait, but I wanted to reassure fans that they’re working to ensure the game meets fans’ expectations. Also series director Naoki Hamaguchi specified that the team is passionate about creating the “ultimate ‘Final Fantasy 7’ experience”.

While claims that the game’s production is moving quickly are encouraging, fans should still be prepared for potential delays while the development team works to deliver the best possible product – some unexpected tweaks might eventually be needed, but that’ll be the wait most likely worth it. What we now know for sure is that Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will be exclusive to Playstation 5.

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