A Few Facts And Reasons For Myopia

A Few Facts And Reasons For Myopia

There has been a significant increase in the children’s near-sightedness from the age of 7-17. The main reason could be watching tv, using mobile phones for long hours. The radiation and the light from the mobile, laptop screen are very hazardous as the eyes are still at a developing stage. Because of the lockdown, children didn’t get sufficient natural light. They got addicted to electronic gadgets. Our grandparents or parents didn’t face such issues at a younger age because their eyes didn’t get exposed to the blue and purple light spectrum emitted from the mobile and laptop screens.

A Few Facts And Reasons For Myopia

Today’s generation spends a vast amount on mobile screens playing video games, watching videos and movies. These blue and purple rays affect the retina and cause near-sightedness at a very young age. Also, the researchers have proven that children who sleep in dark rooms at night have fewer chances of getting Myopia than children who sleep with bright light or bed light.

A Few Facts And Reasons For Myopia

It is essential to get your children’s eyes checked regularly so that there won’t be much problem in the future. The risk is higher if the case is severe. It may lead to cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment when they get older. As almost every child from the age of 7 is facing this problem. If the child has developed near-sightedness that cannot be cured entirely but controlling it is possible. It is better to know about it at an early stage.

How to control Myopia?

Firstly, you have to understand that once you get affected with near-sightedness (Myopia), you cannot completely cure it. You can only slowly control it. There will be a long progression. It is always better to let your child play outdoor more compared to indoor. Indulge him in sports and other outdoor activities like swimming, playing cricket, etc. He doesn’t spend more time playing video games on his mobile phone and get’s enough natural sunlight.

There are three tried and tested that can slow down the progression of Myopia in children.

1. The first one is called Ortho Keratology, which has reduced myopia progression in about 35% of the children from many years. They have had many successful cases. In this process, they gently re-shape the front of the eye, using a contact lens you will have to wear in the night while sleeping. Most optometrists will not recommend this procedure because they haven’t done advanced courses in orthokeratology. You can consult optometrists who have done studies in ortho teratology.

2. Use of a Progressive contact lens which is usually used for older patients who use it for seeing near objects. This contact lens can also be used for children with Myopia to slow down the progression.

3. The third method is using an eye drop diluted concentration before going to bed at night. Using of specialized contact lens and an eye drop solution will help in reducing Myopia in children.

Near-sightedness or also called Myopia is a widespread problem seen in every 2nd child from the age of 7-17. Taking the precautions mentioned above will help your child.

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