US FDA Approves Hikma’s “KLOXXADO” For Opioid Overdose

US FDA Approves Hikma’s “KLOXXADO” For Opioid Overdose

Hikma Pharmaceuticals is an emerging multinational pharmaceutical house formed by John Anchor and RadiHalob. This pharmaceutical industry was started in the late 1850s and was a great success amongst all other pharmaceutical businesses.

US FDA Approves Hikma’s “KLOXXADO” For Opioid Overdose

Every day Hikma is helping to put up better health within reach of thousands of people throughout the world. It’s been almost over four decades of this pharmaceutical company creating quality medicines and helping people access them in need.

Recently, the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has announced the approval of Hikma Pharmaceutical’s nasal spray for treating opioid overdose. This newly approved nasal spray contains 8mg of naloxone, which is double the highest dose because previously, the US FDA had approved only 2-4mg of naloxone products, which was branded as ‘Narcan’.

Naloxone helps in reducing opioid overdose. If it gets administrated quickly, then, within few minutes, the opioid effects can be countered. In the last few years, FDA had been encouraging manufacturers for making approvable medicines that can treat opioid.

Opioids are medications that are usually prescribed by doctors for treating severe pains, which are used by people with backaches, headaches and so on. But this medication has few life-threatening side effects like slow heart rate, shallow breathing, Nausea, constipation, Insomnia.

This opioid overdose has dangerous side effects, and it’s also been described that this drug’s overdose can be a leading cause for accidental deaths in the US, considering the present situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to various health organizations, distributing and prescribing this naloxone drug widely plays a vital role to fight against opioid overdose.

Dr.Patrizia Cavazzoni has said about how FDA is addressing this opioid crisis and are making efforts in increasing access to naloxone. Brian Hoffman, the president of Hikma Generics, explained how important it is to approve the Kloxxado for treating the opioid overdose.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals expects to launch Kloxxado in the second half of this year. Under the “Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act”, the US FDA has granted the approval of the drug “KLOXXADO” to the Hikma.

Naloxone hydrochloride antagonizes the opioid effects that include hypotension, respiratory depression and sedation. Since 1971, it’s believed that naloxone is safe, and it’s injecting it can reverse the opioid effects quickly. The spray version is more effortless than injections.

The Kloxxado drug can be used as an emergency treatment for opioid overdose. It cannot be used as a substitute for other medical care. It is only intended as an emergency therapy, where the opioids are present.

After the first dose of Kloxxado, the exceeding of some opioids can result in returning of the central nervous system and respiratory depression. If a pregnant woman requires opioid withdrawal, then careful monitoring is essential. In the case of infants, it is better to consider other alternatives product of naloxone. It is believed that any drug can have some side effects, which may be harmful.

So, it’s always good to take few precautions for being safe. But it’s said that there is no danger even if too much naloxone is given to a person who doesn’t suffer from an opioid overdose. So, therefore, naloxone is safe.

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