Fans Have Already Mapped Out The Entire The Rings Of Power Story

For some context, the prophetic Reddit post begins with the disclaimer: “Yes, that’s a premature statement, we haven’t seen a single piece of footage.” From there, reference is made to the Vanity Fair First Look article, published days before the Release of the first trailer during the Super Bowl was released. Using the limited knowledge available at the time, the post indicates that Sauron probably won’t be a big deal in season one. It ends by wondering what others think could fill screen time this early season as the show finds its sea legs and introduces a global audience to a time of Middle-earth previously known only to a few and loyal Tolkien fanbase.

The top rated comments that follow tend to agree with the original post title’s implication that “original events” will likely be the focus of season one. This could include both world building and character development.

User larkire points out that the majority of the show’s audience will be unfamiliar with the intricacies of the larger non-Lord of the Rings Middle-earth. They add that the first season should be used to build the world and introduce the characters.

The busy Reddit feed doesn’t forget the fact that Amazon Studios has also signed up for a whopping five seasons of Rings of Power – of which Season 1 is almost complete and Season 2 is already in production. With that in mind, the original post also took the limited information from the Vanity Fair article to roughly outline the other four seasons.

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