Fans Can’t Stand This Repetitive One Chicago Storyline

In Season 8, Kim adopts a child named Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) after his biological father was sentenced to life imprisonment. Although Adam and Kim are no longer together, both agents serve as Makayla’s guardians (this after Kim miscarried Adam’s baby in season 7). In Season 9, however, the girl’s long-lost uncle (Derek Webster’s Theo Morris) magically appears and decides to seek custody. It all makes for potentially heartbreaking drama, but here’s the thing: This is the third time the franchise has used the “estranged relatives custody battle,” and that fourth Time it was used in the larger Dick Wolf universe (see: Brooke Shield’s storyline on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, per E! News).

Unsurprisingly, fans are over it. “I’m sick and tired, SICK. AND. WEARY. of that stupid, repetitive plot device,” wrote user Coachman76 on the Chicago PD subreddit, referencing similar arcs in Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. relatively,” and another said that “these writers … are just copying storylines from other shows.”

while there is a lot Of the criticisms that must be leveled at the authors of police prosecutions — including, as Variety notes, they are predominantly white — the idea that the plot owes so much to laziness may not be one of them. What’s more, this latest iteration is at least trying to take it in a far more relevant direction.

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