A Fall in COVID-19 Positive cases in the Riverside County

Since December,  the number of positive coronavirus cases was on a peak. Recently, the cases have been very low and the number of cases hospitalized has dropped to less than 10% in the riverside county. This has been the lowest in  3 months even though there were deaths of 31 people related to the virus, reported as on Tuesday. The availability of ICU beds increased to 12% and the current number of critical cases was not because of the coronavirus. 

A Fall in COVID-19 Positive cases in the Riverside County

The Riverside County has still been under the most restrictive purple tier of Governor Gavin Newsoms’s stringent rules that the county follows.  It implied a safer framework that impacted bars, recreational centers,  theaters, museums, and wineries. But restaurants were exempted from this rule and they could provide dine out, take out and take away.

A Fall in COVID-19 Positive cases in the Riverside County

The Riverside healthcare system and adjusted well to reduce the number of positive cases through results. It has gone down from 11% to 7.6% compared to the last week.

To date, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 positive cases has lowered to 407, when compared to 441. This number comprised 112 intensive care unit patients, comparatively lower than the previous week’s results.

 Talking about the  countywide ICU beds,  the availability of these beds had increased by 12% – Brooke Federico

It was reported that 3695 people lost their lives after getting involved in virus complications in the past 11 months when compared with Monday’s 3664 reports.

Known active countywide cases have been 18,269 and the overall total cases have been 288,541  with recoveries been 266,577

Since the cases have fallen below, California Department of Public Health, countywide schools are eligible for waivers to begin one on one classes from kindergarten to grade 6.

Every district must follow protocols and have a safety plan to contain the spread of the virus. 4 districts have been approved in the county awaiting the CDPH approval soon.

 There has been an announcement that the county has been on the verge to  resume sports that have been high contact and moderate. This will include a resumption of football and baseball for youth and adults. CDPH released guidance that grants permission for outdoor sports to begin in the red or purple tier.

As of Tuesday, Riverside County reported  16.6 infections by testing it on 100 residents.  The Riverside Bounty will under a new system after Blue Shield takes over the control that helps with scheduling and tracking vaccines.

The Senior citizens will be prioritized for the early doses of the vaccine under the Blue  Shield. They have been taking necessary steps countrywide to reduce the number of coronavirus cases. Everything else will fall in its place like how other bounties have been improving under the Riverside journey.

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