Facebook's New Covid 19 Vaccine Feature

Facebook’s New Covid 19 Vaccine Feature

Facebook has added a variety of new features to make it a smooth experience for all of us who have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The technology company has made provisions for incorporating a new online tool that helps people to get vaccinated to protect against the Covid 19.

Facebook’s New Covid 19 Vaccine Feature

Facebook announced on Monday that the company will use its platforms including Instagram and Whatsapp to help users to learn more about the Covid 19 vaccine. This tool will be useful as it will inform the users about more information on the vaccine, where one can get vaccinated, and when one can get vaccinated. 

Facebook's New Covid 19 Vaccine Feature

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook posted the following on Monday, “ Now that many countries are moving towards vaccinations for all adults, we’re working on tools to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated as well.”

According to the post, Zuckerberg stated that “First, we’re launching a tool that shows you when and where you can get vaccinated, and gives you a link to make an appointment. This will be in the Covid Information Center, which we’ll show people right in their News Feed.”

The feature, The Covid Information Center can also be availed on Instagram’s platform. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg explained that the company plans to “show it to people prominently there too.” Zuckerberg highlighted the fact that the company is “working with health authorities and governments to expand their WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for vaccines.”

In order to make this feature a reality, Facebook worked with Boston Children’s Hospital to launch the tool that will help one to locate the nearest vaccination sites. The new Facebook tool allows users to find the closest vaccination sites in their vicinity. It gives detailed information on the timings each site is open for. Information is also provided regarding how to contact the vaccination sites and the links on how to make an appointment. 

Facebook’s head of health Kang-Xing Jin explained  that, “You should be able to search in your Facebook app — if you type in something like ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Covid-19 vaccine.’ That will bring up the Covid-19 Information Center on Facebook, and within that, there’ll be a new tool where you can search to find vaccination sites near you.”

According to Kang-Xing Jin, the vaccine tool on Facebook is very similar to the blood donation feature that the company introduced in 2019. The blood donation feature was useful in helping people to look for places where one can donate blood. The feature also sends a notification to users when a  blood donation center nearby is in need. said. “Our partners in the United States saw a 19% increase in first-time blood donors nationwide,” said Kang-Xing Jin. “So our hope is really to help here with the vaccine rollout.” 

So far the location finder for Covid 19 vaccines has only been launched in the United States, but Facebook plans on making the feature more readily available. The tool will soon be supported in 71 languages. “It’s initially on Facebook but we’re hoping to bring it to Instagram soon,” Jin said. The Covid 19 Information Center which was set up on Instagram “will include a lot of information around common questions about the vaccine,” Jin said. “And that is available live starting today as well.”

Even social media posts will be revamped to include labels that direct people to the Covid 19 Information Center. Kang-Xing Jin explained that “This is going to be applied to all posts that are generally about Covid-19 vaccines. The label essentially will offer a link to the Covid-19 Information Center where people then can go to get answers to common questions.”

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