Ezra Miller’s Future As The Flash Doesn’t Look Good Right Now

In a new update from Deadline on the situation at Warner Bros. regarding Ezra Miller’s future with the DCEU and how the studio will be handling the release of The Flash, the company — and CEO David Zaslav in particular — seems to be making some difficult decisions make to meet. The pressure to make a decision mounts as new allegations against Miller continue to make headlines (via The Daily Beast). According to the outlet, Warner Bros. has reportedly tried to figure out a way to help Miller, but it’s unclear if progress has been made on that front. An unnamed source speaking to Deadline acknowledged that this was effectively a no-win for the studio, noting, “The hope is that the scandal will stay at a low level before the film is released and we hope it turns out for the best. “

If The Flash’s $200 million budget and outstanding contractual commitments regarding The Flash’s cast and crew prompt Warner Bros. to release the film, they may choose to screen it under a limited Bury theatrical or HBO version. Regardless of her plans for “The Flash,” perhaps the studio’s best bet is to quickly part ways with Miller, who, per Newsweek, appears to have deleted her Instagram account to goad law enforcement with a post that read, “You can’t me.” Touch it, I’m in another universe.” The studio will also have to make a similar decision regarding Miller’s participation in future Fantastic Beasts films, although the disappointing box office performance of The Secret of Dumbledore may make that decision easier.

Advising Warner Bros. Discovery to act quickly but calmly, Tony Freinberg told CNBC, “There’s no time to waste, but they don’t want to announce anything that’s half-baked.”

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