Exploring The Life Of Canadian Actress Ren Kennedy: Bio, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth Relationships & Height

Ren Kennedy is a Canadian actress as well as a writer and performer known for her film work called Little Miss Mania and I Am Victor. 

She is also a screenwriter and screenwriter. Many of her fans are seeking additional information on the gorgeous woman, Ren Kennedy. 

If you’d like to learn what she has to say about herself and career, take a an interest in the following passages!

Ren Kennedy Bio

Ren Kennedy was born in the year 1980 in Florida, United States. Karen Dawn Kennedy was her initial name, and she is of mixed Irish and Scottish ethnicity. 

Ren Kennedy

But, she has Canadian nationalityand, at the moment she lives within Toronto, Ontario. Ren Kennedy is an actress.

Ren Kennedy has not shared any details about her family members, including her mother, father or siblings. 

However, there are plenty of facts about her childhood. This reveals that she has been extremely active and enthusiastic and was a participant at school events in a variety of ways.

According to the information that she graduated of the Vancouver Academy Of Music’. However, details about the school and other details remain not known. She graduated with a bachelor’s diploma at the University with an Honors degree in the field of Music and Opera Performance. 

Furthermore, notable actors such as Tony Alcantar, Eugene Buice and Viv Leacock taught her, and she completed an acting-intensive Bootcamp in conjunction with The Acting Corps. 

The Ren Kennedy’s Zodiac sign is Virgo and is located which is located in Los Angeles, California.

Ren Kennedy’s Career

Ren Kennedy started singing at the age of eight and the love and respect she received from her first performance eventually led her to a full-time profession within Opera and Musical Theater. 

She started her theatrical career as a supporting actor on the stage in Beyond the Meadow and continued her drama career for a lengthy period. 

Ren Kennedy performed in various dramas, including Larger Than Life, Godspell along with Moon Over Buffalo.

In the course of time, she began her film career by making an untitled short film The Robbery directed by Javier Ronceros in 2011. 

The character Madeleine in the film is the very first step into the film industry. Then she appeared in the film Little Miss Mania in the year 2013 in which she was also producer and writer. The film was a dazzling change in her life.

In the following year, she was featured in a variety of series, including Model Killers and Untold Stories of the ER. Her most well-known work includes I am Victor, Filthy Swine, Between the Veils and more. 

She demonstrated that she’s a talented playwright as well when she published “I Am Not A Girl” at the VanCity Culture Lab in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2018. 

In recent times, Ren Kennedy is more involved in the television and film industry. Numerous projects are in the pipeline as well as being a member of SAG-AFTRA ( The Screen Actors Guild — American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

Ren Kennedy’s Boyfriends

Many rumors surround Ren Kennedy’s romantic relationship. However, Ren Kennedy is single and has no interest in a relationship with anyone. 

She is very private and has no information regarding her private life that are reported that are reported in media. She is always a step back to the press and lives her private life.

Ren Kennedy’s Net Worth

Ren Kennedy has gained not only notoriety but also a significant value of wealth. She is worth around $3 million of net worth through singing, acting and producing, directing and writing.

Ren Kennedy’s Height And Weight

Ren Kennedy stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs 121 pounds. The fans are seeking the secret to Kennedy’s toned body, even in her 40s. In addition her blue eyes, she also has blue as well as blonde locks.

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