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EXPLAINED!! EXPLAINED!! What Happened To Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki? As A Half-Ghoul, Why Did He Have To Change His Name?

Young Kaneki, the main character, is battling his own inner demons. Manga series Tokyo Ghoul has Ken Kaneki as its protagonist, played by Sui Ishida’s Ken Kaneki A total of 2.6 million copies of the manga were sold in Japan in 2014.

What Happened To Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki?

Humans and ghouls dwell in this world. This alternate reality universe depicted in the manga series sees Ghouls eat human flesh to stay alive.


Ghouls have a reputation for being tougher and more resilient than humans. As many as four to seven times more kinetic energy can be generated in the muscles of these athletes.

In addition, there are half-Ghouls in the series who may be descended from humans or intentionally manufactured animals with a predatory organ called Kagune. However, they are significantly more rare than full-blooded Ghouls and have a higher power level.

Who Is  Ken Kaneki?

It may be said that Ken Kanenki was an average high school student who was nearly swallowed by Rize Kamishiro, a fearsome demon.

During surgery to repair Kanenki’s injuries, the ghoul changes into a half-ghoul. As a result of the transplant, Rize is forced to eat human flesh as a matter of course.

Kaneki faces and eventually defeats his inner enemy in the storey. Ghoul culture and keeping his identity concealed from his human companions are only some of the problems he faces.

What Changed Kaneki?

When the terrifying ghoul Rize Kamishiro confronted Kaneki, his life was at stake. After he had lived, he became a half-ghoul. Kishou Arima, the CCG reaper, is an investigator of the Special Class Ghouls who encounters Kaneki on his quest.

In the wake of the disaster, Kaneki is left with permanent damage to his brain. Awoken with amnesia, Kaneki does not remember anything about his previous life

He is given a new name by the CCG because of Kaneki’s current situation in the game. Arima assigns him to train the members of the Quinx Squad as a CCG inspector.

Haise Sasaki – Kaneki’s New Identity (season 3)

A character introduced in the third sequel, Haise Sasaki, is actually Kaneki. Meanwhile, Sasaki, Kaneki, and Nishiki Nishio were squabbling over the Torso case when Kaneki arrives and accidentally wakes his skills as a half-ghoul.

Sasaki learns Nishio’s true identity when the mask he was wearing falls off. He continues to behave as nothing has changed in front of CCG. Haise Sasaki’s true potential is shown and accepted when Kaneki reemerges as Haise Sasaki.

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