Experts Worry Of A New Deadly Coronavirus Variant From New York

When the U.S is already under the threat of multiple variants of the coronavirus, another new strain is being detected in New York City, where it is rapidly getting stretched out. 

The new strain was found by two different groups of researchers, and the representatives of each team said that this variant is developed with a mutation that can resist human immunity, and weaken the efficacy of vaccines.

Experts Worry Of A New Deadly Coronavirus Variant From New York

One of the teams which conducted the study belonged to the University of California and the latter is from the Columbia University Medical Center. 

The new variant was named B.1.526 by genomic researchers, and they said that this variant is quite similar to the South African variant of the coronavirus. 

Experts Worry Of A New Deadly Coronavirus Variant  From New York

As of today, no scientific journal has published any of the studies related to the New York variant. However, experts said that they are constantly getting results on the presence of the variant and its spread. 

Michel Nussenzweig, an expert from Rockefeller University said that the presence of the new variant is not particularly happy news. However, getting knowledge about it is as good as it would perhaps help in doing something about it. 

Currently, the state of California is being attacked by yet another strain of the virus. The cases after the U.K variant in the U.S also have hiked into 2000 among 45 states, and experts said that this would be predominant in the country by the end of March.  

Although the reports from California are horrifying, Nussenzweig said that he is more worried about New York as this virus strain is more contagious. 

The researchers said that this new strain is also about to hit teeth northeast. They further revealed that it also can evade the effects of monoclonal antibody treatments, other than it can stand against vaccines and the natural immune response of humans. 

 A representative of one of the medical teams said that they observed an alarming rise in its spread within the past two weeks. They also indicated that there was a significant increase in its detection rate from late December to the present. 

According to a report by Reuters, the New York variant shares many similarities with that of the South African variant as well as it is more transmissible and much harder to control its spread. 

 Another report from the researches of Columbia University said that this variant shares the characteristics of both the South African and Brazilian strains.

  The health experts have discovered the main mutation called E484K, in the variant that can dodge the vaccines and contribute to exhaust the immune response of the body towards it. Another significant variation found by the expert team is S477N, which can enhance the virus to attack human cells. 

Experts said that the chance to occur mutations is higher since the virus is getting spread to more and more people.  

Since there has been the presence of the deadly variants, the efficacy of the currently administering vaccines is questionable. The vaccine developers are also trying to boost its efficiency to be more strengthened to battle with the mutations. 

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