Everything You Need to Learn about Megan Fox's mother, Gloria Darlene Cisson

Everything You Need to Learn about Megan Fox’s mother, Gloria Darlene Cisson

Megan Fox is one of the most stunning and beautiful actresses Hollywood has ever seen.

The American model and actress are famous for her role in films like Transformers as well as Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen are regarded as an Diva in Hollywood.

Megan Fox’s mother, Gloria Darlene Cisson

With the popularity and attractiveness of Megan Fox are increasing day every day, everyone is interested in the woman who was the mother of Megan Fox, the Diva.

This is all you must be aware of about Megan Fox’s mom Gloria Darlene Cisson.

Megan Fox's

Who is Gloria Darlene Conisson?

Gloria Darlene Cisson was born on the 14th day of July 1952 in Tennessee the USA and was employed as an agent in real estate for a number of years.

Gloria Darlene Cisson holds American citizenship, but is of the English-Irish race. There isn’t any information on Gloria Darlene Cisson’s parents in any platform and she prefers to keep her life in the shadows.

Everything You Need to Learn about Megan Fox's mother, Gloria Darlene Cisson

Gloria Darlene Cisson has been married twice, and Megan Fox was born in her first marriage to an official from the Parole Department.

Gloria Darlene Cisson’s Marriage And Children

Gloria Darlene Cisson married Franklin Thomas Fox who was an officer in the parole system. Gloria and Franklin were married in 1971.

When they got married, Franklin Thomas Fox, Gloria changed her name to Gloria Fox. Gloria as well as Franklin were blessed with their very first child in the following year after three marriage years in 1974.

Kristelle Michelle Fox who is Meghan’s younger sister, was born on June 2nd the 2nd of June, 1974. Kristelle Michelle Fox is school counselor as well as a fitness trainer called Douglas Ray Branim. In 1986, on May 16, Gloria and Franklin had their second child, Meghan Fox.

After Megan Fox was born, Gloria Darlene Cisson and Franklin Thomas divorced. The reason behind the divorce isn’t known at this time.

The divorce followed, Gloria Darlene Cisson got custody of both Megan Fox and Kristelle Michelle Fox.

Gloria Darlene Cisson got married again following the time her and Franklin Thomas Fox got divorced. Gloria was married to Tony Tonachio who was 20 years younger and younger than her.

The couple was married in 1996 , when Megan Fox was only ten. After their wedding, Gloria changed her name to Gloria Tonachio taking the surname of her husband Tony Tonachio.

Gloria moved into the home with Tonachio together with their daughters Megan Fox and Kristelle Michelle Fox. Gloria as well as Tonachio were married till Tony Tonachio died.

Tony Tonachio died on May 30, 2011 located in Port St.Lucie, Floria. He was 77 at the time of his death. Following the time that Tonachio died, Gloria Darlene Cisson didn’t get married and is an individual woman.

Megan Fox is in a positive relation with her mom Gloria Darlene Cisson but had an uneasy connection with her father Tony Tonachio.

It is well-known the fact that Tony Tonachio was very strict and abusive, and Megan Fox was not fond of living with Tony Tonachio.

Tonachio was not a fan of Megan Fox to have partners at the time , and also to have gatherings at their house.

When Megan Fox was financially independent to make ends meet, she left the home in which she resided with her stepfather and mother. Megan Fox and her mother remain in a good relationship and have been spotted in numerous occasions.

Gloria Darlene Cisson Net Worth

Gloria Darlene Cisson has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million, but her exact net worth is not known.

Gloria created a life of her own, and made her wealth as a estate agent. She was also active in the field. The daughter of Gloria Megan Fox on the other has an estimated Net worth of $10 million.

Body Of Gloria Darlene Is A Model

Gloria Darlene Cisson is as stunning just like daughter Megan Fox. Cisson is taller around 6 feet. Her eyes are hazel and her hair shade has a light brunette.

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