Elden Ring: How To Beat Wormface

Melee is the more difficult of the two strategies, as being close to Wormface makes players more vulnerable to the AOE Death Clouds. However, fighting Wormface on horseback can quickly remove you from the area of ​​effect by using Torrent’s Dash ability. A great strategy is to ride Torrent far away from the boss when he starts spitting his death cloud, wait for the effect to dissipate, and then charge in and block some attacks while Wormface recovers from a slower attack. Since the boss moves slowly and slightly staggered, it is recommended that players use skillful necromancy that staggers, such as staggering. B. the ashes of the lone wolf.

Those who choose to fight the boss on foot will need to watch out for Wormface’s headbutts and deadly stomp attacks. However, these maneuvers are sluggish and easily dodged. The grab attack, on the other hand, can be a dope. When Wormface stretches his arms out to the side, roll behind him to avoid getting grabbed and taking massive damage. Once melee users can predict the grapple attack, combat is pretty easy as they just have to circle around directly under the boss to keep dealing damage.

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