Drastic Effects Of Aortic Dissection On Women Than Men

Drastic Effects Of Aortic Dissection On Women Than Men

Recently a new study has been done in which it was founded that women have different symptoms when compared to men and are more likely to die when suffering from acute aortic dissection. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery journal has published that among the patients who suffer from acute aortic dissection there are almost 40% of them die instantly if one of the main arteries has a spontaneous theory in it.

Drastic Effects Of Aortic Dissection On Women Than Men

The patients would die if there is a delay in the surgery every hour counts and the chances increases. This is found in almost 1% of patients. Dr Benjamin Youdelman, who was not part of this research and is a doctor in New York City at Maimonides Medical Centre, has stated that the condition of the person suffering from acute aortic dissection after the surgery depends upon the time interval under which the patient is provided with the treatment.

Drastic Effects Of Aortic Dissection On Women Than Men

The faster the surgery is done it is more likely the person would be saved. There is generally a division done of aortic dissections into group A and group B depending upon the fact that where is the presence of a tear. If we observe in the case of group A patients are expected to have a tear in the aortic where it exits the patient’s heart.

When the same tear starts moving into the heart and reaches the covering layer of the heart known as pericardium and ruptures or burst there. This led to life-threatening conditions and most of the patient end up losing their lives.

There were almost more than 2800 patients who were suffering from Arctic dissection group A and were treated with surgeries from the year 1995 to 2018 were the part of this research. Among which there were almost 34% of women present. As mentioned in the start female patients were suffering from different patients when we compared with men with high blood pressure.

We were also found to be suffering from malperfusion this is a condition when one loses the blood supply to crucial or vital organs in the body. It was also observed that female patients were older than male patients. On average, there were women’s belonging to the age group 65.4 years whereas men from 58.6 year age group.

When we observe the rates of the research outcome we found that. There are almost 31.3% of women who were in shock condition and almost 22.2% who were in coma a condition of half-consciousness after the treatment whereas there were only 11.5% of men who suffered from shock and only 7.5 % who were in a coma. Women’s were also prone to die than men.

A study author Thomas Gleason, who is a cardiac surgeon at Women’s Hospital in Boston and Brigham have mentioned that it has been from long when it is was found that there is a difference between acute aortic dissection mortality rate in case of females than males. Also, there is a difference in outcomes of surgery in the case of men than in women.

He added further that we need more research and interrogation about the same so that we have strategies different for dealing with different sex so that there is much more improvement and healing from the disease regardless of one’s sex. The condition of aortic dissection and treatment in women there is probably delays and lack of care than men which has to lead to such outcomes which creates us the need for early diagnosis and proper treatment for women.

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