Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date, Characters, And Plot – What We Know So Far

The Red Ribbon Army is back, and its members have no intention of becoming honest citizens. But would we want them any other way? The evil organization once destroyed by Goku has created more androids to take revenge on the Super Saiyan and his friends. To do this, they kidnap Pan to persuade the heroes to fight (via Epicstream).

Pan’s aging also suggests that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will take place in a future timeline. As pointed out by IMDb, this was confirmed by screenwriter Akira Toriyama, who revealed that the film will be an original story rather than a remake or adaptation of recently released manga arcs. Also, the events in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero come after the Granolah Saga from the manga series, which opens up a world of interesting possibilities.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will also have a very different tone than Dragon Ball Super: Broly. During the panel discussion at [email protected] 2021, Toei Animation Producer Norihiro Hayashida revealed that the film puts a big focus on “slice-of-life scenes that really bring the rich world Toriyama created into life.” move to the limelight”. The producer then confirmed that viewers can expect plenty of intense and action-packed sequences, describing the film as the perfect amalgamation of old and new Dragon Ball.

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