People Can Suffer Double Attack Of Covid And The Flu Simultaneously

The coming autumn and winter seasons could be the beginning of the first group surge of patients that can get infected with both the flu and the most dangerous strain of coronavirus yet in the USA, which is the Dela variant.

Dr. Adrian Burrowes, who has seen countless Covid-19 patients, and who also works at the University of Central Florida as a family medicine physician and assistant professor of family medicine, stated that a person can contract both the flu and coronavirus at the same time, and this could be destructive for your immune system.

People Can Suffer Double Attack Of Covid And The Flu Simultaneously

He said that he is more concerned about this year than the last one because, at this stage, significant Covid fatigue has been observed throughout the American population.

Reasons For This Season To Be Dangerous

People Can Suffer Double Attack Of Covid And The Flu Simultaneously

According to Dr. Marks Rosenburg, who is the president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, stated that last year the situations were better because the safety precautions were over the limit, such as people always staying at home and wearing masks while always going out, et cetera, and this had helped in limiting the spread of the flu. But things could go the other way this year. 

As the people have become more relaxed when it comes to Covid, they have started going out in large numbers, and most of them are not even vaccinated against the flu or the coronavirus and according to Dr. Burrowes, there are high chances of seeing an increase in the number of cases.

As of the speculations being made, an increase in the rate of mortality could be observed due to people being simultaneously infected with the flu and the Covid-19 virus, which can be devastating for humanity.

More repercussions can happen such as sepsis, cardiac injury, and inflammation of the heart, brain, or muscle tissues. Contracting both diseases can increase the risk of having long-term illnesses on your major organ systems. 

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, severe respiratory failure can put your life at risk, as it causes damage to your lungs and organs, therefore it is important to receive immediate treatment.

Also, a major problem that exists is that due to very few flu cases last year, there is not enough information on how the flu and Covid-19 exactly damage the body and how many people get their prey, thus studies are still going on, as told by the CDC.

How To Be Safe From The Flu-Covid-19 Attack?

According to Rosenburg, who is the head of the emergency physicians’ association, the best method to avoid contracting both diseases is getting vaccinated. But the problem persists with the fact that only 55.8% of the American population has fully vaccinated themselves against Covid-19, and only about half of the Americans get an annual flu vaccine, according to the data given by CDC on Tuesday. Flu vaccines for everyone above six months of age and Covid-19 vaccines for everyone above the age of twelve years are recommended by the CDC. Also, Covid-19 vaccines for ages from five to eleven can be made available soon in the upcoming weeks.

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