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The battles in Blue Lock are getting more intense every day. As seen in the last one, the England Manshine vs Bastard Munchen game is something the fans have been waiting to see the end of. But the closer one of these teams gets to victory, the harder the other hits. It’s getting harder by the minute. Blue Lock Chapter 178 will continue to build around the heat. So here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter.

In the following story, fans can see how Chigiri, along with his teammates, manages to get the ball as close to the goal as possible. It comes to a point where Munich may end up losing the game altogether. However, Kaiser, Kunigami, Isagi and Lavinho wouldn’t let that happen.

Blue Castle Chapter 178

Blue Lock Chapter 178: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter of Blue Lock is Let’s Keep Going Forward. The chapter begins with two Manshine C players standing in the same line as Isagi. The idea is to prevent him from coming forward. If Isagi is stopped, Kurona could come into play and score the final goal. But Isagi also had a plan of his own in mind. He figured Kaiser was the man who could bail them all out.

In the next act, the ball is at Chigiri’s feet. He would quickly pass it on to Reo. The man would then pass the ball to Nagi. At the end there comes a moment when the ball is almost in the goal. However, Blue Lock Chapter 178 will come to an end without showing the result of it. To see this come to life, fans will have to wait another week.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The title of Blue Lock Chapter 177 was “Planet Hotline”. The chapter started with all players noticing that BlueLock’s Red Speedster had scored their first goal. And now the fight between Hyoma Chigiri and Isagi Yoichi was head-on. All Isagi could think about now was the fact that they had been cornered by a large margin. So hitting back was important at that point.

The next panel showed Chigiri explaining his own technique to the players. The boy mentioned that this is the golden formula used by all the players in his team. Since day one, they’ve been honing the moves to get to this point. The chapter ended with Isagi deciding that he would dominate the right side where Kurona was placed.

Blue Castle Chapter 178

Blue Lock Chapter 178: Release Date

New participants and newer challenges will continue to appear in the Blue Lock story. Isagi also learns a lot about his strengths and weaknesses as a player. So Blue Lock Chapter 178 will be released non-stop this week. The final release date of the manga is June 22, 2022. Fans can read all the chapters of the manga on Kodansha official sites only. So keep an eye on this page for all the information about it.


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