Dolph Lundgren Reveals What Amber Heard Was Really Like On The Aquaman 2 Set

According to The Independent, Dolph Lundgren spoke to Redline Steel CEO Colin Wayne about collaborating with Amber Heard on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The actor said: “She was amazing. I worked with her on the first ‘Aquaman’, now the second. We shot in London last autumn. She’s gorgeous. Lundgren added, “She’s very nice, nice to the crew, nice to everyone, just down to earth. She had her newborn baby on set with the nanny, which was kind of sweet.” Judging by Lundgren’s comments, it seems like he enjoyed working with Heard during the production of the two DCEU Aquaman films.

As reported by The Direct, Heard’s role in the second Aquaman film is reportedly smaller because she spends part of the film pregnant with Aquaman’s son and therefore cannot join Aquaman in his antics. As previously mentioned, Heard has claimed that she played a much larger role, which was cut due to public concerns over her relationship with Johnny Depp. No matter what, at least Heard’s fans can rest assured that Heard earned at least one fan during the making of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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