Dodgers To Sign Deal With Bauer Worth $102 M

Trevor Bauer agreed to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers worth $102 M. The news first leaked by an MLB Network person, Joe Heyman. This was then also confirmed by Bauer himself on youtube. According to Mark Feinsend, from, the term if the contract lasts for three years. 

With the signing of a million-dollar contract, Dodgers seem at a good place. But the question now is if they will be able to maintain that good spot for the year 2021. 

Trevor Bauer, 30, made his MLB debut with MLB in June 2012. But later was traded to Cleveland in December in the same year. He was awarded American League All-star in 2018. He is also the National League Cy Young Award winner in the last year, 2020. 

Dodgers To Sign Deal With Bauer Worth $102 M

Between 2013 to 2019, the Dodgers were dominating Major League Baseball, at least in the regular season. They had won the NL West each year. They made an average win count of 96 per season. They have a record of 104 wins in 2017 and 106 wins in 2019, being their highest for those years. 

The year 2020 was not different. The dodgers were fifth on the highest winning percentage count with 43-17. They were behind only Cleveland for the runs allowed, and they were leading the majors for the runs scored. 

Dodgers To Sign Deal With Bauer Worth $102 M

They were named the most dominant team of all time after securing the MLB’s first championship since 1988 by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. Though they faced a little shortage in October last year with a run-scoring. 

But now they have signed Bauer for the organization, and with him, the 2021 team appears far more threatening than the 2020 Dodgers. 

Bauer has always been a number one starter, and he has shown this in at least two seasons out of the last three seasons. His ERA is more than 4,000 for 7 seasons out of his 9 seasons. Though it could be admitted that he is not a very consistent pitcher by looking at his entire career profile. But surely, he is a danger to the opponent players. 

In the last season, Bauer achieved the highest average spin rate for any starter. His performance could be seen as electric as he has whiffed 100 batters in 73 innings. His ERA then reached 1.73, NL’s best of his career. 

Though Bauer missed the opportunity to lead an overall ERA in the national league as Cleveland’s Shane Bieber managed to keep up an ERA of 1.63. 

Given Bauer’s strikeouts, walk, and contact quality, he is expected to have a better-expected ERA than Bieber or anyone else. 

His performance last season had made the Dodgers to be enthusiastic and thus now are glad to sign a contract with the player. 

The Dodgers not only have Bauer to frighten their opponents. They do have two additional Cy Young award winners in Clayton Kershaw and David Price. With Walker Buehler and Julio Urias, they also have two youngsters who show ace-caliber stuff. 

If Dustin May and Tony Gondolin are not traded then, the two will be swingmen after a 2.45 ERA last season. Kenley Janson is an effective footman. The Dodgers surely have other impactful players in Blake Treinen, Brusdar Graterol, Joe Kelly and the newcomer Corry Knebel. 

For Bauer, with a $34 million per year deal until now, Dodgers’ recent deal is worth more than the average of his other active 5 deals. With his grand performance in the last seasons, the deal is fair. Now he has the opportunity to show that he is worth more and can look for free agencies with a lot more options.

But for this season, with Bauer in the team, the Dodgers are even more dangerous for sure. 

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