Disney Shares First-Look At Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones 5

It is a picture this sums up perfectly what Indiana Jones is all about: A Global Adventure Story. We see Harrison Ford’s titular action hero slinking around in the shadows – possibly in a tomb or cave somewhere – with his usual clothes and goodies. This includes a sort of packed backpack and of course Indy’s signature whip at his side. There’s almost a confused but focused look on his face, which some social media users poked fun at.

“God, even in the shade I can tell he’s giving off ‘I’m tired of this shit, just let me die’ vibes,” joked the Twitter user @mattsme1908.

While anticipation for the new “Indiana Jones” is evidently high, there have been large contingents of fans online who have expressed their frustration with Disney and the entire franchise at not ending sooner or finding someone younger for the role of the famous archaeologist occupy. “Indiana Jones and the trip to the geriatric department,” ranted one Twitter user @MLGOsiris. “Please let the man rest,” he said @the_real_galaga.

Ford was asked in a 2020 interview about expectations for the Indiana Jones film saga and fifth story as a whole after they were first announced, and he gave the strongest Harrison Ford answer ever. “I don’t really want to give them what they want to see, I want to give them something they weren’t expecting,” the acting vet told the Hey U Guys podcast. “You’re used to a certain level of disappointment when you come back… Well, we’re not going to do another ‘Indiana Jones’ unless we’re able to kill him.”

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