Disney Has Some Good Rogue Squadron News For Star Wars Fans

It seems that despite numerous bumps, Disney and Lucasfilm are still hoping to release Rogue Squadron by Christmas 2023 @ScoutTheTrooper), Disney later sent an updated schedule to the media that still places “Rogue Squadron” on the December 22, 2023 release date. If you can believe that, it would certainly mean that all scheduling problems and/or design differences seem to have been resolved.

Some outlets are understandably skeptical of such claims. Even Steven Weintraub from Collider tweeted, “My gut feeling says this film will never be made.” Elsewhere, Jordan Maison, the editor-in-chief of Cinelinx, tweeted a humorously timed GIF of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) saying “Hope” in response to Disney’s updated calendar.

Many other “Star Wars” fans apparently welcomed the news with open arms, but nonetheless expressed cautious hope about the future of the project. “I actually think now this movie is going to happen,” he tweeted @Spudwick35. “It might not happen next year. But it’s definitely happening.”

Other fans weren’t quite as confident. “I really hope Rogue Squadron doesn’t get canceled entirely.” @Laughlan_Xashe tweeted. “I actually miss seeing a ‘Star Wars’ movie in the cinema.”

Of course, a cautiously optimistic approach seems prudent at this stage of the game. While “Rogue Squadron” still seems like a must-have for Christmas 2023, things could change sometime at some point. Notably, Disney is yet to announce a cast or plot description for the film as of this writing.

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