Diet Pills Can Lead To Eating Disorders

Diet Pills Can Lead To Eating Disorders

According to the health day news, the girls who use diet pills or laxatives in order to lose weight can increase the risk of eating disorders. The new research claimed that the usage is done mainly by teenage girls.

A recent study in America claimed that girls who use diet pills for weight reduction have a higher risk of eating disorders to a percentage of 258. On the other hand, if they take laxatives the risk is increased by a percentage of 117 as compared to those girls who do not take any product.

Diet Pills Can Lead To Eating Disorders

The lead researcher named Vivienne Hazzard who works as a predoctoral fellow in a research center of Sanford claimed that the research has shown the side effects of the intake of laxatives and other harmful medicines and pills to reduce the weight or control it. The side effects may include kidney as well as liver damage.

Diet Pills Can Lead To Eating Disorders

She said that the government should strictly see to the policies of the usage of these pills so that it is not overused by the youth of this generation. She said that the United States is planning to ban the use of these diet pills and to completely stop the sale for minors.

Hazzard said that looking at the side and ill effects of these pills’ parents should keep an eye on the children otherwise the condition may become worse.

Dr. Mitchell Roslin who is the chief of the obesity department at the Lenox hospital in New York City claimed that the banning should obviously be done but banning it instantly can also lead to serious conditions as kids may go on the wrong path to use more drastic methods.

The issue can be very dangerous as the teens will suffer from anxiety and stress due to the concerns of their body shape and weight which can lead their paths to more harmful measures. They can choose more harmful substances with the prescription of the loss of weight in a short time.

He added that the restriction may be there but the stress for the weight and body shape would remain as it is. He warned the kids to be aware of the consequences. Hazzard said that the parents should be well aware of the intake of diet pills and laxatives by the children and should be prepared for the consequences as well.

This may lead to various eating disorders and can be long-lasting. If the parents get to know that the child is taking such pills and products instead of scolding, they should have a good conversation with the children.

The parent’s responsibility is to make sure they not only avoid the use of the pills just because the parents are saying so. The parents must interact about the side effects of these pills with children and get to the root cause of why and how they started taking the pills. They should speak confidently about the relationship between food and the body.

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