Diet Matters During Pregnancy To Avoid Cardiovascular Issues For Baby

Diet Matters During Pregnancy To Avoid Cardiovascular Issues For Baby

According to a new study, researchers found that “pregnant women’s diet will influence the newborn baby health” the pregnant women’s lifestyle food habits will matter most in order to give birth to a healthy baby.

Researchers state that “genes of a baby will work under cardiovascular diseases during the age of 8 and 9” to meet all the challenges, a pregnant woman must take care of herself and food diet. Scientists are finding the links of epigenetics for environmental study on further exposures where the genes would work.

Diet Matters During Pregnancy To Avoid Cardiovascular Issues For Baby

Those women who stay away from smoking and consumption of junk food during pregnancy may give birth to a healthy child but on the other hand if one does not care for the same it may impact the heart health and other organs of a baby in the womb. This research can prove highly useful to many babies and moms in the coming days, however, more research is still going on to have some more conclusions.

Diet Matters During Pregnancy To Avoid Cardiovascular Issues For Baby

According to a survey, U.S. adults are identified who are suffering from cardiovascular disease with coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and heart failure which have raised concern by experts. On early predictions, this disease can be reduced.

American Heart Association reported that “challenges must be taken to identify the actual problem in children at early ages who are experiencing the development of cardiovascular diseases” Scientists notice that “the better prediction is required to decrease the heart disease risk” 

Researchers suggest that epigenetic mechanisms should be changed for the genes by themselves which is named DNA methylation. During this whole process, packages of hydrogen and carbon atoms are founded within methyl groups that are attached to DNA strands. 

On an additional note, DNA strands act as a power switch on turning ON and OFF of the genes, this makes the gene perform by its nature. During a maternal diet heavy stress, smoking, and unusual environmental area will negatively influence the baby’s DNA with health effects.

In this case study, researchers from many universities had collected nearly 470 samples of pregnant women from their umbilical cord blood, among those samples DNA is compared with methylation patterns to decide the cardiovascular effect level for babies.

Investigators had found 16 sites with near patterns of methylation which are altered by the genes with aorta pulse wave velocities. This theory is known as a measure of blood vessel stiffness, they have abilities to increase and decrease cardiovascular risk.

Researchers are finding further links between methylation patterns and maternity factors, smoking, dieting, and weight before the pregnancy affects the modifications of methylation patterns in baby DNA.

Especially pregnant women who will eat fish, mackerel, and salmon during pregnancy changes the pulse wave velocities. Because “oily fish is determined as a healthy source of food for polyunsaturated fatty acids as they are important factors for cell membrane development and blood vessels”  

Dr. Mark Hanson stated that “we are finding the trials related to fish during maternal diet” on further findings it found a link with epigenetic changes. These changes play a role in the opportunities in various ways. In order to give a healthy life to newborn babies, the process should be started from conception with care.

Dr. Jennifer Van said that “this is a very soon process to find the epigenetic changes in children” firm conclusions may get verified, but significant findings will have stayed unclear on epigenetic signatures. 

This study concludes that broad cellular changes are impacted within longer-terms which requires many steps for identifying the DNA methylation signatures. These patterns decide the health risks on narrowed consequences.

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