Delta Variant Now Accounts For 83% Of U.S. Cases

Delta Variant Now Accounts For 83% Of U.S. Cases

Some worrying trends are cropping up currently. Here, the new Delta variant is being talked about. The U.S health officials have gone into a tizzy. The Coronavirus rates are spiraling across the country. It is responsible for 83% of new infections. Last week, the Delta variant was responsible for a small number of infections. However, now it has doubled.

Delta Variant Now Accounts For 83% Of U.S. Cases

The best way to stop the disease from spreading is through widespread vaccination. Several states have revealed a huge surge in infection rates. Low rates of vaccination are to be blamed. 

Delta Variant Now Accounts For 83% Of U.S. Cases

States Where Breakout Is Severe

Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri have seen a rapid increase in infections due to the Delta variant. Alabama, Georgia, and few other neighboring states are close behind. Reportedly, the fourth wave has hit the U.S. Moreover, hospitalization rates in Mississippi are rising. The state reported about 2,000 new cases last weekend. This is the largest surge since February. The state also has a low vaccination rate in the states. Moreover, Florida also has a lot of infections. It is one of the Covid-19 hotspots. In Jacksonville alone, in the past weekend hospitalizations increased from 86 to 126 in one day. 

The aftermath is worth worrying about. According to health officials in the U.S., the situation could turn grim in the next few weeks, Infection prevention officials have gone into a tizzy, if reports are to be believed. Hospitals in Arkansas and Missouri are already full. These hospitals are trying to bring in more staff from neighboring states. Reports state that, if things are not restrained, the situation could be worse than the end of 2020. 

Red Alert In The U.S. Amidst Delta Scare

The CEO of the UAMS Medical Center said, that things are manageable at present. However, the situation looks dim. In Texas, hospitalization has gone up by 70%. The Delta variant accounts for 83% of the cases. Moreover, Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas had its first Lambda variant hospitalization. The Lambda variant was identified in Peru and is currently circulating in America. The Delta variant in the meanwhile is causing severe symptoms in unvaccinated individuals. The doctors and researchers believe it could surpass previous infection rates. The Delta being seen in Houston is very infectious. Public Health Officials are holding meetings to come up with ways to stop the virus. 

Getting all the population to receive vaccines is the biggest challenge. Many individuals are still reluctant to do so. Moreover, such individuals are creating misery for others. Many people are struggling to breathe in hospitals, and that makes them wish they had been vaccinated. Many people, even after repeated warnings are listening to the authorities. The lower rung of the society or the uneducated masses is to be blamed. 

Reports suggest, that the Delta variant is being able to evade through antibodies created by previous infections and vaccines as well. Delta may also cause severe illnesses; however, researches are underway to prove the same. People infected by the Delta variant are more likely to be hospitalized with severe symptoms. Moreover, areas with low vaccination rates are seeing a surge in infections. However, there is some respite as well. 

Studies have shown that Pfizer-BioNTech, J&J, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have some protection factors. It may not lead to severe forms of disease manifestation. Runny nose, headaches, and sore throat are the most common symptoms. Data says that the younger generation is more at risk, due to incomplete vaccination. Vaccination is the only key to stop the spread of the virus. Moreover, face masks and face shields are important tools that can help, unvaccinated people. Steps need to be taken to counteract the virus. 

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