Delay In Release Of Covid-19 Guidelines

Delay In Release Of Covid-19 Guidelines

As per information provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there will be delay in the release of coronavirus guidelines. The new guidelines were expected to ease the restriction for fully vaccinated Americans. The information was given by the Director of CDC.

Delay In Release Of Covid-19 Guidelines

The guidelines by the agency are expected to align with the comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci. As per the comments by Anthony Fauci, people can have small gatherings indoors among vaccinated people. 

Delay In Release Of Covid-19 Guidelines

Dr. Anthony Fauci also added that the risk was so low that people won’t have to wear masks. Thus, the possibility of social gatherings at home can be fit. Fauci gave these statements to a White House Taskforce on Monday.

The upcoming guideline will also provide advice regarding the travel scenario for vaccinated people. As per two senior administrative officials who had the knowledge about the situation, the guidelines were to be released on Thursday but it was delayed because it was not yet finalized. CDC has not responded when asked for comments. 

The news about the delay in restruction comes at a time when the pace of vaccination has increased to more than 2 million Americans everyday. The Biden administration also said that there will be enough vaccines for every adult in the US by May. Many health experts are also of the opinion that the US could reach the milestone by Mid-April.

Additional Covid-19 news:

In another news, Louisiana on Thursday began the shipment of the single-dose J&J vaccine at larger. The immunization will take place at different convention centers, stadiums, and other community sites in the United States.

Connecticut is also expected to ease out some of the major restrictions related to Covid-19. This information was provided by Governor Ned Lamont, who said that the infections and hospitalization was reducing and the vaccination is continuing.

Health officials in Florida have determined that an event around the Super Bowl lead to a total of 57 covid cases despite thousands of fans travelled to Tampa to attend the game.

In other news, New York also took steps to ease restrictions on travel for domestic visitors. As per the latest information, New York has lifted the quarantine and Covid-19 testing restrictions on people who have been vaccinated within 90-days of their second inoculation.

There has been an outbreak of Covid-19 at the Vermont state prison. More than 100 prisoners and 8 staff members were infected. 

Looking at today’s number for Covid-19, the US has more than 28.7 millions confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 518000 deaths as per the data released by John Hopkins University. Globally, there are more than 115.3 million cases and 2.56 million deaths. More than 107 million doses have been distributed in the US and almost 80 million have been administered.

Four states in the US have announced rolling back of mask mandates. Health officials are shocked and stressed whether the additional states will join the tide.

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