Deaths Increasing In USA; People Deciding To Get Vaccination Shots

The alarming rise of the number of COVID cases in America has made people more conscious and considerate. More Americans have decided to get themselves vaccinated than in the last few weeks. 

It was reported that more than 1million doses were given on Thursday as per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The astonishing data marked the first time since July.

Deaths Increasing In USA; People Deciding To Get Vaccination Shots

The average pace of people getting vaccinated is more than 70% high than the last month. 

Deaths Increasing In USA; People Deciding To Get Vaccination Shots

However, there are still regions like Oklahoma and Louisiana that have lagged behind the other states in the region. The White House COVID 19 Response team chief said on Thursday, “We’re seeing a new willingness, a new openness to getting vaccinated.”

As of now, the healthcare systems are facing a Tsunami of patients. The dire increase in Coronavirus infected patients is creating unrest. The highly contagious Delta variant is spreading at an enormous rate especially in the unvaccinated communities.

The disease experts while addressing the public got into the spotlight some vital information about virus infections. It takes around a few weeks to gain immunity following the full vaccination dose. 

Those beginning their inoculation should be cautious and follow the required precautionary norms to protect against infection. 

Dr. Robert Jansen the chief medical officer at Atlanta’s largest Trauma Center quoted, “tsunami of patients coming into the emergency department.” He said the patients are flooding and as the hospitalization rate increases the number of hospital beds may prove to be insufficient in the future. 

The situation is critical in Texas too. Governor Greg Abbott recently announced that the state will deploy more medical staff and doctors to the hospital across the state. The experts such as Lauren Meyers warned that the hospitals are at a breaking point and the situation is dire. 

The CDC data shows that the rate of hospitalization is still below the mark witnessed in January. Thought, it seems that it won’t take much time to cross the mart as the average of more than 11000 new hospital admissions are being recorded. 

Marry Mathew the CEO of Florida Hospital Association stated to CNN on Friday stating, “These are healthy, young 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds who, because of the aggressive nature of the Delta variant, are now being hospitalized,”. Marry also assured the public that to meet the patient’s demand, the state is taking every possible measure. They are even converting auditoriums and cafeterias to provide optimum medical facilities to patients. 

The US Food and Drug Administration is likely to approve Pfizer and BioNTech Preventive vaccine as a measure to combat Covid-19 infections.

The booster shot for the inoculated people is likely to be introduced in September. As per the analysis of CDC data around 75% of the eligible population have received at least one dose of COVID vaccination. Approximately 51.1% of the entire US population are fully vaccinated as per the latest reports from CDC. 

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