The Death Of A High Schooler Due To COVID Stuns The Family & Nation

A 17-year-old girl in the columbine city surrenders to the COVID and dies just before her senior year in High school.

Miami the Columbian city surpasses Florida in the number of COVID cases per capita. The 17-year-old Jo’Keria Graham died of COVID infection just a few days before starting her senior year at the high school. The death of the 17-year-old stunned the family, her close friends, and acquaintances.

The Death Of A High Schooler Due To COVID Stuns The Family & Nation

The teen was lively, vivacious and would love to take care of the kids. She used to call her grandparents daily to keep a check on their health. Jo’keria was home quarantine in her Lake City Home after testing positive for COVID. 

It was assumed that the high schooler was on mend. She called her grandparents to bring her breakfast. Her family and grandparents were constantly keeping a check on her and would call her often to know about her whereabouts. They would drop her breakfast. Earlier this month she collapsed in the bedroom when her grandparents were on their way to bring her breakfast. 

The Death Of A High Schooler Due To COVID Stuns The Family & Nation

The Grand Mother of a high schooler said on Friday, “She was saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” She added, “We thought she was doing fine. Both of my sons had it and one of my sons was really really sick and she wasn’t near as sick as he was.”

She stated that her death was a real shock to the family. They are still contemplating and trying to cope up with the situation. The sudden loss of their dear ones has left them in the question mark. The family made a noble urge to the fellow citizens. They requested people to take the situation seriously.

Getting vaccination as soon as possible and following COVID-appropriate behavior is the only way to protect oneself from the virus. 

More on the Pandemic

With more and more vaccination drives and an increase in the rate of vaccination, the CVOID infection rate is witnessing a downward curve. However, COVID -19 deaths are straining some hospital morgues in Florida. The virus shots and studies are the only hope for controlling the contagious spread of COVID in the United States. 

The surge in CVID 19 pummels the native population and Hawaii. The rising toll of Covid cases in children and record hospitalization rate is creating unrest. There is a critical staffing shortage and a dire situation in the medical sector is the cause of concern. 

Moreover, State administrations are thinking and finding ways to ensure stability. They are encouraging medical staff and students to come forward and serve the country. The vaccinations are being conducted in the full swing. The citizens and eligible parents are given instructions about the vaccination mandates. 

The institutions and private organizations are requested to make vaccination mandatory for the students and their staff. Fortunately, COVID cases are reducing and a ray of hope is fusing at a positive rate.

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