Deadliest Catch Fans Point Out A Stunning Similarity Between Sig And Edgar

Reddit user A_Very_Fat_Elf went to the Deadliest Catch subreddit and started a conversation by asking if anyone else had noticed how similar Sig and Edgar sounded, noting that they had this realization when Edgar was temporarily captain of the Hansen- fishing vessel. Others came to the same observation, with one commenter replying, “Dueling lives with screams and cigarettes will do that to you,” and another adding, “I think their voices are similar.” It’s easier to tell them apart What say it through their voices – lol.”

Redditor trash332 joked that if the Hansen brothers cut their hair the same way, they’d have a hard time telling them apart. Another commenter also believed that the two Hansen brothers sound alike, stating: “I sound a lot like my 3-year-old younger brother, almost identical on the phone. Sig and Edgar even have the same ‘smoker’ laugh’. have his back and pain pills finally caught up with him?”

According to the website Self Growth, there are three factors that affect a person’s sound — genetics, environment, and upbringing. Considering the Hansen family share genetic similarities, grew up in the same environment, and have the same parents, the siblings seem to fit all three criteria, and that’s why they sound so similar. That fact hasn’t escaped the notice of Deadliest Catch’s biggest fans, and the power of nature and nurture shines through in the Hansens’ voices.

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