Dead Space Remake Release Date, Trailer, And Platforms

The “Dead Space” remake will only be released on current-gen consoles. That means it will only be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Dead Space fans who haven’t yet made the jump from PS4 or Xbox One have until January to get their hands on a new console. The Dead Space remake joins Gotham Knights as one of the few non-first-party games to drop last-gen consoles.

EA Motive gave a few reasons as to why the “Dead Space” remake is only available on current-gen consoles. Developers from EA Motive (via IGN) stated that the technology in the current-gen consoles allows them to fully realize their vision. That includes using the SSDs in the new consoles in a way that avoids going to a loading screen and taking people out of the atmosphere. As more consoles get into people’s hands, more companies will only release games on new consoles, leaving the PS4 and Xbox One behind.

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