Danielle Rose Russell Agrees With Legacies Fans About Hope

Legacies tells how Hope comes to herself while mastering her unique abilities alongside school and love. But when Glitter quizzed Danielle Rose Russell in a 2021 interview, the actor had a thought-provoking response about how she’d like to see her character develop.

“I would say learning to put yourself more first,” Russell told the outlet. “She’s so involved with everyone else, especially Landon, that there’s no room left to focus on her development as a character.” The actress added that she wishes there were more mature female characters in the entertainment industry and that many representations seemed one-sided. Fans immediately took to Reddit and commended Russell for her words.

“I’m glad she talked about it!” shouted u/kayterluv. “They are of course people first, but as actors they are young and trying to perfect their craft. That can’t be easy when the characters are suffering from a writing issue that can be fixed.” Fans also noted that Legacies was not a satisfactory continuation of their storyline in The Originals.

“[T]hey have made all the promises of Hope [The Originals] just vanish into thin air,” commented u/RkmRajeev. Hope has been portrayed as one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but all she worries about is her recurring boyfriend, Landon. She never seems to fulfill her destiny as a supernatural savior. Unfortunately for The Vampire Diaries universe, this is a recurring pattern.

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