Dancing To Better Health After Menopause

Dancing To Better Health After Menopause

It’s especially relevant for post-menopausal females who according to recent research could dance their route to improve physical and mental wellness. A samba or other creative steps could be all it takes to improve your wellness & self-esteem.

36 post-menopausal females on average 57 years old, danced 3 times per week for Ninety min every session in this recent cohort. They performed something for 16 weeks, participating in Axé, Samba, Funk, Sertanejo, and Zumba, among other movements.

“In addition to the positive effects on physical, metabolic, and mental health aspects, dance promotes a moment of leisure, fun, socialization, self-knowledge, and many other benefits,” said Camila Buonani da Silva, from the department of physical education at Sao Paulo State University-UNESP.

Dancing To Better Health After Menopause

Those who love to dance can go for it as it can help them not only get entertained but also keep the body fit. Especially women who are in their menopause phase must try this to overcome the health disorders because of this phase and increasing age. It can help the body be flexible and also entertain the mind while getting physical exercise. It can be termed as an ideal form of exercise.

Respondents improved their balance, speed, and cardiovascular fitness, according to the researchers. Their HDL (good cholesterol) levels climbed, but their LDL (bad cholesterol) levels declined. Female’s self-image and self-esteem improved as well. Physical balance, comprising fat mass and body muscle, bloodstream fats, operational activity, self-image, and self-esteem, were all examined by the investigators.

“The practice of dance should be strongly encouraged for postmenopausal women, considering that we found improvements in functional aspects, lipid profile, self-esteem, and self-image,” Buonani da Silva said. “Therefore, dance is a powerful resource in promoting a good quality of life.”

Dancing To Better Health After Menopause

As per the research, once females cease menstruation when estrogen concentrations drop, they are greater prone to acquire obesity and possess further triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and also lower HDL cholesterol. Many females can experience low self-esteem as well as a negative identity.

“Dance is an excellent option for postmenopausal women, as it promotes health benefits and promotes the meeting of new people and pleasurable experiences,” Buonani da Silva said. “It’s always good to remember that the best exercise is the one we like to do and that gives us pleasure.”

Additional advantages of frequent dance, as per the association, include enhanced balancing, evaluation practice, stride, stamina, and general athletic fitness. Obesity and bone density did not alter as a result of the research. Dancing practices aided in the maintenance of lean & fat content.

Is it better if you began when you hit menopause?

According to Buonani da Silva, it is critical to have a balanced living through one’s lifetime including a focus on eating well and exercising often.

The results are posted published on July 28 in Menopause, the journal of the National Association of Menopause Specialists.

“I think this represents a good option for people,” Faubion said. “There’s bound to be some camaraderie associated with it, too. It’s not an individual sport, right? Even though I guess it sort of is, if you’re taking a dance class with a group of women, I’m sure they had a ball doing it.”

While this research focused on the advantages of dancing for females in menopausal, various types of fitness could also be beneficial, as provided as they are what the man likes.

“It’s not necessarily that women will lose weight,” Faubion said. “And we saw that in the study that they didn’t lose weight, but they became fitter and their metabolic parameters looked better, and their mental health appeared to be better by a couple of different measures.”

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