Dana DeLorenzo Explains Why Her Potty-Mouthed Character Doesn’t Use F-Bombs In Evil Dead: The Game

Part of the reason Kelly doesn’t use F-Bombs in Evil Dead: The Game is due to the nature of the video game. As a single player game, if you choose to play Kelly, you will face the dead and her surroundings from her point of view, meaning players will only see her back when she carries out her missions.

“There were no F-bombs [in the game], but you don’t need them because it depends on Kelly’s attitude,” explained Dana DeLorenzo. “For example, ‘Choke on this’ is one line. You don’t have to drop the F-bomb. One of the reasons it worked for Kelly [in the series] She had this constantly pissed off, excited face when she said it, or because of her creative way of saying it, but you had to face her. When you play the video game, look at her back. you don’t need it It doesn’t help.”

However, what the game lacks in f-bombs it makes up for in another area Kelly is known for: lots of blood. During “Ash vs Evil Dead,” DeLorenzo was drenched in hundreds of gallons of fake blood.

“The game that really sold it for me — I laughed hysterically — was when the characters got blood on them… I love the amount of blood in this game,” DeLorenzo gushed. “I would have also said in 2018 that I’d probably be glad not to be covered in blood, guts and guts for a while. Shockingly, I miss it. I feel uncomfortable without it.

“In fact, I was contemplating throwing ketchup on my face before this interview because it makes me feel good now, so go ahead and think about it… My therapist is going to have a heyday on that,” DeLorenzo added with a laugh.

Evil Dead: The Game is available in stores and online from Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive.

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