CRISPR And The End Of Genetic Diseases

CRISPR And The End Of Genetic Diseases

Very recently a technology or a medical advancement has come to the fore. In one of the participants or specimens in medical terms, Sickle Cell Disease was discovered when the incumbent was 3 months old. It had led to severe complications and lifelong pain. It usually results from a mutation in the HBB gene.

CRISPR And The End Of Genetic Diseases

The body starts producing abnormal amounts of hemoglobin S. Beta-globin which facilitates the flow of oxygen to the body cells are not produced. Thus, the RBCs turn sticky and turn into crescent-shaped structures. It can also lead to heart complications and strokes. Such diseases are generally passed down from the parents and forefathers. It is genetic. Children born to parents who have this recessive gene have a 25 percent chance to contract such diseases. 

CRISPR And The End Of Genetic Diseases

In order to save the life of the said participant, doctors had genetically altered her RBCs. The method is today better known as the Splicing technique. It helped the participant live when doctors had predicted a quick death by 6 years of age. This technique is better known as CRISPR-Cas9.

It is more convenient and cheaper today. CRISPR allows scientists to rewrite or delete the mutations in the DNA. It is the best technology that has come to the fore. Moreover, it can eradicate many such genetic abnormalities. The various conditions that are now treatable are Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, blindness, and dyslexia.

A Process That Allows Alteration In Blueprint

It is a process that can be used in an embryo. It is generally applied to specific regions of the chromosomes containing abnormalities. It can be used to customize a person’s mental, and molecular traits. Now, one might be able to choose the color of the unborn child’s eyes as well. It can also be used to manipulate intelligence levels. Revealing the name of the participant who is a trailblazer in medical history, is Victoria Gray. She signed up without much afterthought. Moreover, she did not have better choices. 

A study of bacteria in laboratory settings opened the pathway for such research. Most microorganisms have a way to fight viral infections. They generally do it by memorizing DNA sequences. It should be occurring for a second time. So, the bacterial cells already know about the attack. And, at present seems to be ready for the onslaught. 

How Does It Work?

Recent researches are underway about the further efficacy of the disease. CRISPR is a part of the bacterial immune system. It stands for clustered palindromic repeats. It is the name given to a sequence that repeats itself forward and backward. To make it possible, the bacteria generally steal fragments of the intruding genetic codes upon the first attack. Then, the bacteria happen to stitch it with its own genetic code.

They start making several copies. They are better called Single-chain RNAs. These act as a guide for protection on a repeat attack. Cas9 is another part of the mechanism, that cuts viruses and destroys them. Therefore, the virus is unable to replicate. 

Dr. Doudna, a professor at the University of California, is in the first position in this research. It was this doctor who actually cracked it. It is now used as a bio-hacking tool. Now, doctors can also alter the blueprint of life. Thus, CRISPR-based technology is frequently used to treat ailments like muscular dystrophy. Under the current circumstances, scientists are utilizing this same code to create more meat in butcheries and sheep farms.

In the near future, it might also offer edited humans. Thus, the process has vast uses. However, there are several complications in the path. Unauthorized usage may lead to ethical issues. However, the future is hopeful. It is hailed as a medical boon.

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