Get Your COVID19 Test Without An Appointment From Next Week Onwards

Since the stormy weather has shut down testing spots, people are left out with no choice. The weather has delayed the shipment of the vaccine and sites have to be shut down in the LA and Orange County. With the limited doses of vaccines, people are still not aware of when they could get their vaccine dose and how long would the wait be. The next shipment of the vaccine is to delay for 4 to 6 weeks as reported by the health officials.

Get Your COVID19 Test Without An Appointment From Next Week Onwards

People who are looking to get their coronavirus test done can reach any testing site on Monday beginning from 8 am till 3 pm. They can wait in line and register along for the test. They will also need to carry their insurance document or share the information. Do not worry if you have not taken insurance earlier, they could just carry along their identification proof.  If people want the vaccination to be taken in advance, they can sign up for an appointment in advance.

Get Your COVID19 Test Without An Appointment From Next Week Onwards

Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke that when the next week commences, L A residents will never have to make an appointment for testing COVID-19 at any of the Los Angeles testing sites. He also said that their city was the first biggest city in America that offered universal testing to those who had or never had any symptoms. Since then, 4 million tests have been completed, and people had access to  14  testing sites at different locations. There have been 150 mobile sites set up already and 136 nursing facilities to help people around.

You can reach any of these testing points that will be open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am till 3 pm. The exact start date for the free appointment testing has not yet been confirmed by Garcetti.

For vulnerable areas, the mobile testing sites will be more active and helpful for people. The officials have not yet confirmed how it is going to be for elder residents who live in areas that are backward and had no proper attention.

The announcement was of great relief for the residents when they heard about this news.

Considering the fact that there are many residents expecting to get themselves tested, we do not know how jam-packed would the testing centers be during the first few days

Garcetti also claimed that they had tested more people for the COVID-19 test, more  than the actual population since the testing slots were initially active.

Mobile Outreach for Vaccine Equity(MOVE) will be a new campaign that is yet to be launched, to increase the mobile vaccinations through vulnerable areas of Los Angeles. Once launched, there will be 10  mobile vaccination teams in the field to help those who are not getting proper help. These teams will be deployed to high-risk areas where the spread has been rapid and by the end of next month, the team would start their activity to help residents get tested.

Garcetti also mentioned the 12000 vaccination points in L.A. that were supposed to be open on Friday. He cleared that a stormy weather condition has delayed the shipment to arrive in time. The date would be again postponed and a new one will be disclosed again based on the shipment arrival date. Only the larger sites will be shut down even though the mobile clinics will be scheduled to restart next week.

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