Long Covid Symptoms Are Uncommon But Real In Few Kids

Long Covid Symptoms Are Uncommon But Real In Few Kids

According to a large UK study of smartphone data Covid in children shows few mild symptoms, and they recover within six days. As per a research fellow at King’s College London, Erika Molteni, in about 4.4 percent of children, the coronavirus symptoms like fatigue, loss of smell, and headache persisted for about a month, which put light on the requirement of pediatric care.

  The outcomes that were published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health directed that few children who had non-covid infections were also prone to prolonged symptoms.

However, a senior co-author, senior lecturer, and  consultant at King’s College, Michael Absoud, said, ‘ as per our data it is clear that other illnesses counting flu and cold also have prolonged symptoms in children and is vital to considered this when planning for health care during a pandemic and after that.’ He added that ‘children who have long symptoms from any illness require on-time multidisciplinary support associated with education so that they can find their individual ways towards recovery.

Long Covid Symptoms Are Uncommon But Real In Few Kids

The study used the info that was revealed in a smartphone app that supports tracking covid symptoms in the ZOE COVID study.

The researchers studied after looking at about 258791 children of 5 to 17 age group whose details were reported by parents or carers from 24th march 2020 to 22nd Feb 2021. Out of the given numbers for about 75500 had undergone the covid-19 test. 

The study evaluated symptoms in 1735 children of random age, sex in the database who tested negative for the virus but can have other illnesses like flu and cold. Kids who have positive testing for corona were 1735, out of which there were approximately 5- percent boys and 50 percent girls, the common symptoms were headache and fatigue. 

Long Covid Symptoms Are Uncommon But Real In Few Kids

Asthma can be observed in 10 percent of all; however, other symptoms were rare. To understand more about the age factor, children were divided into groups of 5 to 11 and 12 to 17.

The study suggests that illness lasts longer in children with covid negative. Also, it was clear that illness was positively linked with age as older ones as about 4.4.  Percent of 1735 children with covid positive report illness persists for about 28 days, which is more often in older than younger ones. Also, the study revealed that children with positive covid reports were more prone than children with negative covid who were sick for more than four weeks.

Do experts agree with the findings?

According to a pediatric infectious specialist in Los Angeles, Sindhu Mohandas, ‘I agree with the UK findings as covid in most school-age children is asymptomatic or for a brief time limit.

The children who need hospitalization are few and recovered fully by the time they have their first outpatient clinic follow up.’

Sindhu Mohandas was also involved in the study and added her experience that adolescents have few lingering symptoms after covid infection, including changes in taste and smell, fatigue, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Also, as per recent research long, covid symptoms in just 6 percent of children persist for three months.

Also, data from China specify that coinfection can be higher compared to older patients.

However, the long covid symptoms in children are area as they are less likely to experience. Though the findings disagree with the UK government data regarding long Covid symptoms that children experience. The study was based on the caregiver phone app, and as per experts, this could bias the outcomes.

More research is needed to reach the conclusions. However, many studies also revealed that children hospitalized with Covid infection have also increased the risk of covid related inflammatory disease linked with neurological issues and organ damage.

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