Covid-19 Infections Could Rise Despite The Onset Of Vaccination

Covid-19 Infections Could Rise Despite The Onset Of Vaccination

Despite the ongoing vaccinations next two months will determine if another surge of coronavirus will be experienced. According to the director of the centers for disease control the US may experience a new surge of covid 19. People may start enjoying their spring break with no regard to CDC’s covid19 control measures.

Covid-19 Infections Could Rise Despite The Onset Of Vaccination

There have been steep decreases in infections and more people are getting vaccinated. However, the number of infections has remained at very high levels. Averagely the number of infections has been at 60000 cases daily. These may also be as a result of many governors relaxing the safety precautions despite warnings.

Covid-19 Infections Could Rise Despite The Onset Of Vaccination

The CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told the National League of Cities on Monday that the next two months were critical to how soon they vaccinate the population or the occurrence of another wave. They suspect the spike may be as a result of the  B.1.1.7 variant, first witnessed in the UK.

The B.1.1.7 variant accounted for up to 4%of the community infections of the virus. The CDC director hopes community leaders will encourage the communities to adhere to the strict guidelines and. Also, advise them to get vaccinated against covid 19.

The director of CDC also indicated that the government needs to boost the public health system so that it does not suffer when there is a need to take care of the people.

While there are many variations of coronavirus circulating in the US, experts are particularly concerned with the highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant’s dangerous potential.

CDC warned that the variant will rapidly penetrate the community in early 2021,” adding it would likely become the predominant variant in the US by this month.

So far, at this time, the agency reported more than 3,000 known cases of the variant across 47 States. Almost a quarter of those cases are in Florida. But the CDC has said the cases are not so worrying bit that it would be prudent to keep watch.

The CDC has been tracking the variant closely since December and it has been catastrophic. It has driven up rates of hospitalizations and deaths and it’s very difficult to control. The variant is 59% to 74% more transmissible than the original novel coronavirus. Gounder says cases are exponentially on the rise in the US.

The CDC officials say that the country needs to aim at lower infections rate and higher vaccination numbers to tame the widely spreading virus. They also noted that the vaccination numbers were still not high enough to suppress the surge, the experts have warned.

Gounder said this has been like a marathon and we are almost at the finish line and therefore we should not sit down. Americans need to give themselves a little more time observing the safety guidelines and vetting vaccinations and soon the larger population will be vaccinated. This is sort of like we’ve been running this long marathon, and we’re 100 yards from the finish line and we sit down now vaccinated give up,” Bounder said. “We’re almost there, we just need to give ourselves a bit go-ahead to get a larger proportion of the population covered with vaccines.”

In as much as many governors in the US we’re removing the mask orders, and giving local businesses the go-ahead to reopen fully, they also stated that it has. Now become more of an individual choice to observe the ministry of health’s official guidelines. Even though Americans are getting weary they are ad iced to patiently observe the guidelines until the hospitalizations and infections are flattened. Governors are highly encouraging the population to get vaccinated.

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