Covid-19 Cases In The US Rises & Wipes Out The Progress Seen Before

The cases for the Covid-19 pandemic in the US have been raised like before since last winter. However, it has also released the progress of months and continuously strengthened President Joe Biden’s statement for brushing up new vaccine requirements.

The cases raised due to delta variants with friction amongst the Americans for getting the vaccine have mostly concentrated in the South. 

Covid-19 Cases In The US Rises & Wipes Out The Progress Seen Before

Meanwhile, the cases of this pandemic have seen an improvement in Florida and Louisiana. The rates of infection are souring in Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee. Hence, children are going back to their schools and losing the mask restrictions and low vaccination levels. 

The tight situation in hospitals has started to sound in hospitals during January. The surgeries are canceled in hospitals in Washington and Utah. While Kentucky and Alabama face a shortage of staff. The lack of beds arises in Tennessee and has intensive care units in Texas. 

Covid-19 Cases In The US Rises & Wipes Out The Progress Seen Before

The picture of nine months of the national vaccine drive has made various health professionals angry and frustrated who have seen the heartbreak which is preventable. The majority of the dead and hospitalized are non vaccinated. It proves to be a hard lesson for families. 

Governor said “In the state of Kentucky, 70% of the hospitals have seen staff shortage. And vastly during the pandemic.”

On average the US has seen over 1800 Covid 19 deaths and 1,70,000 Covid cases per day. It’s highest in early March and late January. While both the figures have seen a rise over the past few weeks. 

The US is still very down from reaching the highest peaks like January. Where nearly 3400 deaths and quarter million cases were found regularly. 

The US has seen about 900000 vaccination doses per day which were down by 3.4 dozens in mid-April. On Friday the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel will see whether US citizens should be given a booster of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Last week, the President announced that employers with 100 workers need to have vaccines or weekly tests. Hence, it affects mostly 80 million American workers. Around 17 million American workers have received their doses of vaccines. 

On Tuesday Arizona has found 1177 deaths in a single day since last February. Tennessee ranks first in new Covid cases per capita in the US. Many students need to be quarantined. While some schools have closed due to staff shortage. While others move to remote learning. 

Stanton, the ER doctor in Kentucky said “He has admitted his families where delta variants have been found, and especially when older propels are not vaccinated.” Now Kentucky has 1/3rd cases under 18. Children were brought in from their summer camps and it spread to the families. 

In Arizona, Covid new cases have filled the intensive care units. And one hospital has contacted 43 others in three states to find the cardiac ICU bed for Ray Martin Demonia. His family said “In honor of Ray please take your vaccination boosters soon for freeing up non-Covid medical emergencies

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