COVID-19 Cases In California Drop Drastically

COVID-19 Cases In California Drop Drastically

Sometime back, the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. was California, L.A. All the hospitals were brimming with COVID-19 patients and ambulances with infected patients were in long queues waiting for beds.

The morgues were filled up with the rising number of deaths each day. The situation was so bad that the refrigerated trucks had to be brought to manage the overflow.

COVID-19 Cases In California Drop Drastically

With the surge in COVID-19 infections in the other parts of the country, California has a very low rate of infection even though they have reopened more farms and corporations and allowed big events and gatherings.

The public is receiving open invitations to get COVID-19 vaccinations. A few months back, there used to be a huge queue for the shot, and people were struggling to get one. However, currently, it is found that there has been a surplus of vaccines in those locations.

COVID-19 Cases In California Drop Drastically

Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, who works at California University, Los Angeles, remarked that California could finally share its success story after the prolonged holiday season.

During the winters, it was recorded that the state had almost 40,000 new COVID-19 infected cases, with more than 500 deaths every day. Drastically the numbers have gone down to 2300 cases and 68 casualties each day.

Data collected by Johns Hopkins University shows that since the past two weeks, California had the lowest number of cases per capita, which outshined The Hawaii state.

Kim-Farley said that achieving this improvement was no less than turning around a huge tanker ship. He also thanked the public health agencies and the government for issuing the right guidelines that were followed by all educational institutes, corporations, and every individual. The recommendations to wear a mask and follow social distancing were followed strictly by the people.

Schools and businesses are reopening at some regions based on the case counts. Governor Gavin Newsom was criticized heavily from time to time during the pandemic for bringing in too many restrictions, whereas now people think that his movements are too fast.

There have been enough improvements in all the regions, and Newsome has shared his plan to remove all restrictions by the 15th of June 2021.

Kim-Farley also said California’s people were fearful and scared with the rising infections and death cases daily. This made them aware of following all the guidelines, which has helped in reducing the cases and also avoiding the relapse of COVID-19 infections.

He added that the states in the U.S., which removed the mandatory guideline of wearing a mask, suffered the detrimental effects with the resurgence while California continues to show improvement in decreasing COVID-19 cases.

Initially, California also faced a lot of challenges like other states in the distribution of vaccines and the limitations of providing them only to the health workers and older people who were more prone to get infected, hospitalized, and dying. But with the increase of vaccination, cases have reduced. With the onset of winter and the massive spread of infections, people developed a natural immunity to some extent.

A website was available that informed people about the availability of vaccines so that they could book their appointments. Some of the walk-in vaccination sites were opened in Palmdale and Lancaster.

Janet Upton reported that people lack interest now in taking the shots, although there is full availability.

Out of the total population of 40 million citizens in California, 32 million were eligible to get the shot. More than half of them have already gotten the first shot of the vaccine.

The vaccine implementation helped in changing the condition of morgues back to normal, whereas earlier, they were running out of space.

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