The Debate Over Covid-19 Booster Dose Has Got New Talks

Whether the Americans should get the Covid-19 booster dose or not now reaches the FDA advisory committee. The Food and Drugs Administration will now discuss the Pfizer BioNTech booster dose over the meeting of its advisory committee. 

The various scientists and experts claim there is a need for a booster dose for Americans, while some say there is no evidence to support it. The FDA says that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is very effective against the virus. The experts are still studying if its effectiveness decreases over time.

The Debate Over Covid-19 Booster Dose Has Got New Talks

Pfizer conducted its research for booster doses on over 300 participants in a clinical trial. The agency will be studying this data before giving its approval for the booster dose. 

The clinical trial suggested that the Pfizer vaccine’s efficacy reduces by 6% every two months after the second dose. It emphasizes the need for a booster dose.

The Debate Over Covid-19 Booster Dose Has Got New Talks

Israel has been administering the Pfizer booster doses. The FDA and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will also study the data from Israel.

Israel health officials claimed that the effectiveness of the second dose reduces after six months. Therefore, booster doses are a need. Israel started offering booster doses to its citizens as young as 12 in the last month. The campaign to administer booster doses began in July.

The report published by Israeli scientists shows that people vaccinated with the third dose are less likely to be infected or get severely ill than those who were not. 

The need for a booster dose is rising in the United States as there is a surge in Covid-19 cases. The U.S. is reporting an increase in hospitalization and death.

The situation is daunting as the rate of infection is rising among fully vaccinated people. These people are the potential spreaders putting unvaccinated people at even higher risk.

Polls show that a majority of vaccinated Americans want the booster dose to enhance their safety. Experts say that they expect the FDA will approve the booster dose for the elderly. They claim that the evidence supporting booster dose is the elderly and the high-risk population.

“People above 65 can be primarily eligible for the booster doses”, the executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center. 

The Biden Administration authorized the use of booster doses for immunocompromised people. So far, at least 1.9 million people have already received their booster dose.

According to experts, administering a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be safe. Its effectiveness may rise with the third dose. Back in August, the heads of the FDA and the CDC said that there is a need for the booster dose as data shows that vaccines’ effectiveness decreases over time.

The CDC advisory meeting will happen on Wednesday and Thursday. Moderna also applied for booster dose approval. 

Experts say that shifting focus onto booster doses will distract us from the objective of vaccinating people with initial vaccine doses. Currently, only 54% of the United States population is completely vaccinated. Experts consider vaccination as the best way of protection against the Covid-19 virus. 

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